4K Media’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Autographed DVD Giveaway Sweepstakes

September 13, 2014 at 9:46 am | Posted in Konami | 3 Comments

YUGIOH.com autographed DVD giveaway sweepstakes banner

If you’ve always wanted to meet the American voice actors of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and get their autographs but just never had the chance to, listen up! 4K Media (Konami) has kicked off a new giveaway today on YUGIOH.com for a complete set of autographed Classic Yu-Gi-Oh! DVDs! One super lucky winner will walk away with all of Cinedigm’s DVD box sets of seasons 1 through 5, each featuring the signature of an actor of the English dub. Included are:

  • Season 1 autographed by Eric Stuart (Kaiba)
  • Season 2 autographed by Dan Green (Yami Yugi, Yugi Muto)
  • Season 3 autographed by Wayne Grayson (Joey Wheeler)
  • Season 4 autographed by Erica Schroeder (second Mai Valentine, Dark Magician Girl)
  • Season 5 autographed by Darren Dunstan (Maximillion Pegasus)

This sweepstakes runs from September 13 through 26 and is open to all U.S. residents age 6 and older. Check the official rules for more details.

DVD box sets with the autographs of the Yu-Gi-Oh! voice actors


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  1. The autograph order bothers me. Darren Dunstan (Pegasus) should have signed Season 1, Eric Wayne Grayson (Joey) should have signed Season 2, Eric Stuart (Kaiba) should have signed Season 3 and Dan Green (Yugi/Yami Yugi) should have signed Season 5.

    – Pegasus’ biggest role was in Season 1.

    – Joey had a prominent amount of episodes in Season 2.

    – Kaiba played a big part of Season 3 with it featuring both his battle against his former associates, step-brother and father, and his Battle City finals.

    – The conclusion to Yami Yugi’s adventures was in Season 5, since it’s the last one.

  2. They probably signed them this way to match the monster that’s shown on each box: Blue-Eyes (Kaiba) for season 1, Dark Magician (Yugi) for season 2, and Dark Magician Girl for season 4. Joey and Pegasus don’t have their monsters on any box, so too bad for them. :P

  3. It’s also interesting how they’re giving away the season sets and not the new megaset. It only confirms my suspicions that the Season Sets are the better choice.

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