4K Media Adds Spanish-Dubbed Yu-Gi-Oh! Episodes to Hulu

September 2, 2014 at 4:54 pm | Posted in Duel Monsters, Konami, Spanish, Yu-Gi-Oh! | 4 Comments

Yugi playing a card against Mako Tsunami in episode 7
Es hora d-d-d-d-d-d-del duelo!

4K Media (Konami) announced on Facebook today that it has added the Spanish-language dub of Classic Yu-Gi-Oh! to Hulu! All 49 episodes of season 1 are now available for your enjoyment.

Hulu’s episodes include the same Spanish dub found on volumes 1 through 11 of FUNimation’s season 1 DVD singles released between 2002 and 2003. (Oddly, the season’s last five DVDs don’t include a Spanish track.) FUNimation also released the Spanish episodes on VHS. This dub was produced for the U.S. and Latin America and differs from the Castilian Spanish dub produced in Spain by Jonu Media.

Hulu began introducing Spanish-language programming to its network in late 2011 when it signed a licensing deal with U.S. Spanish-language broadcaster Univision and launched Hulu Latino. Yu-Gi-Oh! joins Hulu’s growing selection of Spanish media, including anime like Pokemon and Inazuma Eleven.

If you like watching Yu-Gi-Oh! in Spanish, be sure to subscribe to the show on Hulu to show your support and to keep up to date on any new uploads.


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  1. I think I actually might sit down and watch this. When I first started watching Yu-Gi-Oh! back in 2002 I was just starting to learn Spanish in school so I barely understood any of the Spanish dub. But 12 years later I’m pretty fluent in the language. I already noticed a bit of dialogue change in the first scene. Instead of Tristan saying to Joey, “You look cute while you’re thinking” he makes a pun and asks “Monstruos del Vuelo?” (which translates to “Flying Monsters”) instead of “Monstruos del Duelo?” (“Duel Monsters”).

    So the only place the Spanish dub was available in the U.S. was on those single volume releases you mentioned? The dub wasn’t included in any other re-release or on later single volumes?

  2. I love linguistics. Sounds like a lot of fun to go back and rewatch the show in a language that you didn’t previously know. Yeah, the Spanish dub is only available on DVD in the U.S. on those 11 singles and not in any later releases of any seasons. I don’t know whether or not any Spanish-speaking Latin American countries ever released the show on home video.

  3. Yeah, no idea on that one. You know, I also wasn’t aware that there was a separate Castilian dub. From my visits to Spain, it seems like Yu-Gi-Oh! is pretty much a dead property there nowadays. I don’t think 5D’s or Zexal have aired there.

    Anyway, it’s always interesting reading your blog, ravegrl. It’s definitely my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! blog around with all of the insight you have. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks for the kind words!

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