LittleKuriboh Relocates to, Prepares New Videos

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LittleKuriboh counting the millions of dollars that he's made from YGOTAS in the LITTLEKURIBOH SELLS OUT video
I knew it! He spends his weekends counting the millions that he’s made from YGOTAS!

Tomorrow is the end of an era for LittleKuriboh, the world’s most superior abrigadier. In his new video, “LITTLEKURIBOH SELLS OUT,” released earlier this evening, LittleKuriboh announced that he is leaving and relocating his content to Team Four Star’s website. From now on, Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged, the Naruto Spoof Series, and LK’s other video projects can be found at:

“Very, very soon, you’ll see all of my content on there, and you’ll be seeing new videos,” LK assured his fans. “You’ll be seeing a lot more new videos, I guarantee it. You guys have had the patience of saints. I’ve said it so many times: my fans are the most patient people in the world and I feel really bad for basically resting on my laurels as long as I have. Your patience will be rewarded. I promise.”

LittleKuriboh further revealed that his main YouTube channel, CardGamesFTW, will no longer be repeatedly terminated. H-How can this be?! What magic did LK pull out of a hat to make this possible?

“I’ve signed on with a network, and so […] CardGamesFTW will actually be staying up from now on,” LK explained. “There won’t be any more major gaps of time where my channel has just disappeared with no explanation. It’s going to stay up, it’s going to be a stable channel.”

LittleKuriboh isn’t leaving of his own accord. Rather, the video hosting and distribution website is kicking him out. Even Marianne, LK’s wife, who once had her own Blip account, saw her channel removed in 2013.

Although LK didn’t describe the details that he received from Blip regarding his account’s removal, Blip’s actions are well documented on the Internet and account deletions have been ongoing since late 2012. In short, Blip has been growing tremendously since its inception and is now dedicating all of its resources to only the most successful and marketable content. Well, at least Blip actually gave LK a warning before shutting him down. Some content creators have alleged that they were never notified and that their videos just up and vanished one day.

LittleKuriboh first set up on in December 2009.

My YGOTAS streams and downloads pages still contain numerous links to I’ll change those indexes once the dust settles over at

LittleKuriboh on Kate & Mim-Mim

LittleKuriboh continues making exciting headway in the world of professional voice acting. Yesterday, LK revealed that he is the voice of Mim-Mim, a giant purple bunny in Kate & Mim-Mim, an animated children’s show that has been airing on the BBC’s CBeebies channel in the UK. The show is about a five-year-old girl and her adventures with her toy bunny in their make-believe world.

LK’s fans based in the UK can catch full episodes online on the BBC iPlayer. Everyone else can watch some clips on the show’s YouTube channel.

Back in March 2014 at Animarathon, LittleKuriboh teased his fans about this role without actually providing the name of the show. LK recalled his experience auditioning for the part at his Q&A panel.

“I just got booked on a show and I auditioned basically with the Tristan voice with a British accent and I got the part,” LK told the crowd, who responded with plenty of laughs.

So he’s basically like this the whole time,” LK continued while doing the voice. “It’s sort of like a really, really bizarro John Lennon kind of thing going on. But he’s a lot of fun to voice. I love doing that character. He’s pretty cool and hopefully you’ll see him somewhere on TVs.”

British Tristan and bizarro John Lennon? Heehee, sounds pretty accurate.

For some odd reason, LK’s name doesn’t appear during the show’s credit sequence, but he’s already let the production staff know about the oversight.

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