RIP Toonzaki: 4Kids’ and 4K Media’s Anime Video Streaming Portal Closes

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A Toonzaki poster and handout from New York Comic Con 2010
RIP Toonzaki
September 15, 2010 — July 24, 2014, a hub for legal and official streaming anime videos, closed its doors late yesterday night, redirecting all traffic to The website, which was originally owned by 4Kids Entertainment and sold to Konami’s 4K Media after the Yu-Gi-Oh! lawsuit, opened in September 2010 and was intended to be a video portal where casual anime fans and passersby could find the majority of anime titles streaming on the web together in one convenient place. Not only were the titles that 4Kids had licensed included, but so were shows from other licensees and content partners, including uncut, Japanese-language series. The Yu-Gi-Oh! series — and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s in particular, whose new episodes were premiering on TV at the time of Toonzaki’s launch — were centerpieces of the website.

In its early days, Toonzaki was rife with potential as it regularly updated with new programming, engaged with fans on Facebook, and even made a big showing at New York Comic Con. Beginning in mid-2012, after the Yu-Gi-Oh! lawsuit wound down and ownership of the website was in transition, Toonzaki began to see a great deal of neglect, resulting in nonfunctioning videos, broken links, missing images, and a general lack of digital housekeeping. Its last significant update came in April 2013, which patched up those problems and added some new shows. But since then, the website once again fell into disrepair before finally shutting down.

Reps from Toonzaki did not respond in time to comment for this story. Update (July 28): 4K Media has released a brief statement by email: “Toonzaki is no longer available as 4K Media is focused on the Yu-Gi-Oh! brand and the website.”

The Rise and Fall of Toonzaki

Toonzaki was an ambitious undertaking from 4Kids that was unveiled in July 2010 in an episode of Anime News Network’s ANNCast podcast. The site opened for business on September 15, 2010.

At its inception, Toonzaki’s only non-in-house content delivery partner was Hulu, which was the home of many series from FUNimation, the Anime Network, and other anime content owners. Later, Toonzaki also partnered with Crunchyroll to stream many of its titles. At the time, the partnership raised a few eyebrows since Crunchyroll wasn’t known for sharing its ad revenue with just anyone.

Toonzaki made considerable efforts to reach out to fans with Facebook posts, polls, and contests, and often rewarded them with new content for participating. The website only began streaming subtitled episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s after a successful “Facebook Fan Drive,” which reached its goal of 300 fans in a matter of hours.

Toonzaki was well known for promoting its shows on its homepage with witty one-liners, even crowdsourcing new taglines from fans. But few could have predicted that the innocent attempt at fan engagement would result in a legion of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged fans descending upon Toonzaki’s Facebook page, all calling for CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES to be used to promote Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s. And even fewer could have predicted that 4Kids would indeed adopt the catchphrase as an official promo line.

The first significant sign of trouble for Toonzaki came in late August 2012 when the website abruptly removed all of its Yu-Gi-Oh! videos as part of a transition that involved server changes and that disabled the website for extended periods of time. Nearly three full months would pass before Toonzaki came back online in November 2012, but by then, significant damage had been done. At one point, Toonzaki was among the top results for search engine queries for Yu-Gi-Oh! videos. But no more. Things would never be the same again.

Even after vestiges of the Yu-Gi-Oh! lawsuit were gone and new episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL were being uploaded to Hulu again, Toonzaki still had trouble keeping up with the updates. And although Toonzaki did its best to clean up and stay relevant, it was clear that its best days were behind it.

Toonzaki never became the hub for anime streaming, but today, the landscape of anime availability on the Internet is leaps and bounds beyond that of Toonzaki’s earlier days. Hulu, which was only a minor player in the anime game when Toonzaki launched, is today a dominant force for all things anime. Even the Japanese producers and studios themselves have learned of the potential of anime streaming and have gotten into the game with DAISUKI. There are more options than ever for both the discerning anime otaku and the casual anime viewer to stay entertained in this social and digital age. And still there is no one single entity that has aggregated the videos from all of these options.


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  1. One things runs through my mind. Why wouldn’t 4K Media use Toonzaki to stream new episodes of Zexal. Premieres have just gone onto Hulu, which is why I find it very bizarre that 4K Media would decide to close it’s online portal now.

  2. Toonzaki grabbed its Yu-Gi-Oh! videos from Hulu’s video feed, so new episodes should have appeared on Toonzaki automatically as long as they appeared on Hulu first. Beginning around mid-2012, something broke and Toonzaki’s episode lists suddenly weren’t refreshing properly, so there were often periods of time where the site didn’t update. Toward the end of Toonzaki’s life, it was actually pulling Hulu’s updated video feeds properly again. You might notice that’s videos are also Hulu embeds, so if everything continues to work correctly, you should see update with the newest videos a day or so after they appear on Hulu.

  3. ohhh whyyy whyyy whyyy did they have to leave nooooo toonzaki please come back 4k u shouldn’t have done that tookzaki is where I go to watch my best sub animes shows at now how will I finnish watching chugo chara im already to lazy to go to other sites to find anime shows to watch but now my fav sub website is gone- cries-so thanks for taking it away from me :””””'(

  4. Shugo Chara is still on Crunchyroll! Toonzaki’s SC videos were actually just embeds from Crunchyroll. Toonzaki has been gone for almost a year now. Did you only just notice? XD

  5. I wonder if Vortexx closing up shop played some part in Toonzaki shutting down? Seeing as how both closures happened right around the same time and both of the brands were leftovers acquired from 4Kids.

  6. I doubt it since Vortexx and Toonzaki didn’t interact with each other. But it does seem coincidental that both of these brands died in 2014. I wouldn’t call Vortexx a leftover though. The programming block was exactly what Saban wanted. I guess it couldn’t make any money from the block during the two years it owned it.

  7. Yeah, Vortexx wasn’t making much money. You know you’re in dead meat when the only non-rerun shows on your final schedule are ZEXAL and Fusion, the latter of which was second-run on Vortexx rather than first-run. Even though the reasons for Vortexx closing were never stated, I’m pretty sure it’s the plain lack of profitability. (Well, Nicktoons’s putting out Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes a whole year after Canada and Australia get them makes me wish it didn’t close, but I digress.)

  8. Also,
    “Toonzaki is no longer available as 4K Media is focused on the Yu-Gi-Oh! brand and the website.”

    okay, then why did you license ugly dog here:

  9. I’m not 4K Media so I don’t know the answer. But if I had to guess, I’d say that it’s to make more money.

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