LittleKuriboh Convention Update: Ichibancon 2015 / Charity Event Status / CardGamesFTW: Gone and Back Again

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Ichibancon 2015's banner on Facebook

“Already got cons scheduled in 2015 and 2016,” wrote LittleKuriboh back in October 2013. “Whaaat.”

Whaaat indeed. LK’s first stop of 2015 will be Ichibancon, an annual anime convention in the Charlotte, North Carolina metropolitan area entering its sixth year. Ichibancon 2015 will be held in Concord from January 1 through 4 and will be the first time LK visits a con in North Carolina. Other guests that have been announced so far include LK’s wife, Marianne Miller, and voice actors Vic Mignogna and Eric Vale.

Where else will LK be headed in 2015? Possibly Kami-Con Season 7. At the end of Kami-Con Season 6 earlier this year, LK’s guest liaison, Liam Adkinson, might have let the cat out of the bag in an offhand tweet: “Big shoutout to @yugiohtas and @mariannemiller for being the nicest guests ever to work with. Can’t wait to see you at next year’s Kami-con!”

Here’s hoping it’s true!

LK and Marianne plan to cut back on the number of cons they attend in 2015, perhaps in part because LK will have three weddings to attend that year (wow!).

RAINN Charity Event Possibly Delayed

We’re fast approaching June 15, the date that LittleKuriboh and Marianne had set aside for an all-day charity event to raise money for RAINN — the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network. But it looks like the couple are having some trouble with LK’s green card, so much so that they might need to shelve the event.

Unfortunately, with his immigration process being a butthole, I think we may have to postpone for a bit,” tweeted Marianne. “I’m a little bummed, because 6/15 will mark the 5th year since I was raped and I wanted to do something really positive to show to other victims that life goes on and gets better, buuuuuut I GUESS I’LL JUST HAVE TO DO IT LATER THAN I PLANNED :'(”

Nevertheless, she is hopeful that they will still do something on the 15th. With any luck, they will make an announcement about the status of the event soon.

LittleKuriboh came to the United States in October 2011 with a fiancé visa, marrying Marianne at the end of that month. But even though the pair have been together since then, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is apparently still not convinced that they are a genuine married couple.

LK and Marianne hired an immigration lawyer and have reached out to fans, asking for affidavits and photos that document their time together that can be used as evidence to show that their marriage is legitimate.

CardGamesFTW: Gone and Back Again

As you probably noticed, LittleKuriboh’s main YouTube channel, CardGamesFTW, was banned yet again on May 15. And although LK noted that it had been more than two months since he ran into any trouble, the last time the channel had been terminated was actually December 23, 2013, nearly six months earlier.

Thankfully, CardGamesFTW quickly returned on May 22, so fast that LK got “copyright whiplash.” Ha, very nice.

This was the 18th time CardGamesFTW was terminated. If we reach 20 terminations, I’ll publish a very special post that looks back at the awful things that his poor YouTube account has suffered.

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