Coming Soon: Complete Yu-Gi-Oh! Classic Megaset DVD Box with Reauthored Discs

May 17, 2014 at 9:17 am | Posted in Bonds Beyond Time, Capsule Monsters, Duel Monsters, English dubbed, Konami, Yu-Gi-Oh! | 14 Comments

In episode 134, Yugi knows that having faith in the heart of the cards will help him defeat Kaiba

Get ready — the classic Yu-Gi-Oh! anime will soon get the “Megaset” treatment from Cinedigm! This summer, Cinedigm will re-release the entire English-dubbed Yu-Gi-Oh! series in one massive collection. Mirroring the completeness and collectibility of its other Megaset video products, Cinedigm’s 32-disc Yu-Gi-Oh! Classic Megaset will include all five seasons of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series (as well as Capsule Monsters in season 5) along with the Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time movie together in one package.

For fans who haven’t yet purchased any of the season box sets, or for anyone who wants to get a Yu-Gi-Oh! anime lover the perfect gift, the Megaset is for you.

The exact contents, price, and release date of the Megaset will be confirmed by 4K Media (Konami) at a later date. Stay tuned!

Reauthored DVDs: What They Are and How to Get Them

Of special note, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Classic Megaset will include three reauthored DVDs that contain fixes to an assortment of audio/video problems present in some episodes of seasons 2 and 3.

In an email, Cinedigm’s Marketing Manager Vanessa Varous explained that the following discs have been reauthored and will be included in the Megaset and in new printings of the individual seasons:

  • Season 2 Volume 2: Disc 1
  • Season 2 Volume 2: Disc 3
  • Season 3 Volume 2: Disc 2

Yu-Gi-Oh! fans who already own the original releases and who will not be purchasing the Megaset can still have their discs replaced.

To request a replacement, please contact: \textsf{infobox\ [at]\ cinedigm\ [dot]\ com}

Unfortunately, the new printings of the individual seasons will not be labeled any differently than the original printings, said Varous, so there will be no way to determine whether a product contains the old or new DVDs by visually examining the packaging. If a customer notices any A/V issues in any of the listed discs, contact the email address above for a replacement.

Other oddities found in the series, like the inconsistent appearance of the DDM dice between episodes (described at the end of my season 1 overview’s video contents section), will not be fixed. Such visual quirks are the result of the masters provided by 4K Media and were not authoring errors.


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  1. Yeah, I was holding off on buying the sets to see if they would do this. I will definitely be buying the Megaset. Glad to hear they are replacing the discs with A/V issues too.

    I don’t suppose you are willing to share your source? Or did you get the news confirmed in your email with Ms. Varous?

  2. I contacted Cinedigm a few months ago to talk about some weirdness I noticed in some of the DVDs. I recently sent a follow-up email and Ms. Varous replied, describing the Megaset and reauthored discs.

  3. Just sent them an email for those replacement discs, I wonder if they’ll respond back tomorow?

  4. It’s still the weekend. I’d say a response on Monday at the earliest is more likely.

  5. Is this set going to have the Japanese dub too with English subtitles or no?

  6. Nope, English dub only I’m afraid. They are the same episodes that Cinedigm has already released in its individual season box sets.

  7. I emailed them too about replacement DVDs.

  8. It’s almost 3:30PM in Indiana and they still haven’t gotten back with me? Is the only email address i could contact for replacement discs? Cause i know in the article above it said “Email Addressees”?? Did anyone else hear back yet?

  9. The only email address to contact about replacement discs is the one I provided in the post. I never said “email addresses.” You haven’t received a reply because you spelled the domain name wrong. Speaking of which, you ought to avoid directly spelling out an email address like that anywhere on the Internet because it’ll get picked up by spambots. That’s why I post email addresses as images.

  10. I notice that Season 3 Disc 5 of the Cindeidigm Season releases, fit 9 episodes on a single disc, but unfortunately the last episode on the disc (episode 137) in which Joey vs. Kaiba (Battle for the Bronze – Part 3) has the audio messed up. It’s good to know by your post, that it wasn’t just an isolated thing, and is in fact a factory production mistake. Thank you for your reporting this info. Can you point out the other discs/episodes that have this same audio malfunction?

  11. Yes, the problem you describe sounds familiar. The other discs have a few episodes that are plagued with similar or other audio/video problems. You can go back and spend time checking them all out, but if you already own any of the DVDs listed, there is a 100 percent chance that your discs are affected. You might as well just contact Cinedigm for replacements.

  12. 2 Days ago i sent them an email to and still no reply back this is getting weird that they are replying back to my email for replacement discs. Something’s not right…

  13. Maybe whoever manages that email account is just backed up. Sorry, I don’t have an explanation. I’d recommend being patient for now, then resending your message in a week if no one replies.

  14. No response for me either. But everyone, don’t get mad at ravegrl. She only gave us the e-mail, she has no control over when we will get a response.

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