Whachow! Podcast Features YGOTAS Translation Hell / Pasta Cats / New Charity Event Coming Soon

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Fans of Psyguy’s Whachow! podcast probably haven’t forgotten the recent “translation hell” script of The Lion King. In an enthralling event that spanned seven weeks, the Whachow! gang read the entire movie’s script, which had been machine translated from English into Spanish, then into German, then back into English, resulting in a god-awful mess of hilarious proportions. Yesterday, Psyguy brought that same magic to Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged.

Check out “A group of monsters in a train,” the 332nd episode of Whachow!, where the cast — including LittleKuriboh — read the translation hell script of YGOTAS episodes 1 and 2. It’s unexpectedly obscene and violent, but predictably laugh-out-loud funny. Special appearances include a sexy grandfather and Danganronpa Abridged’s Kiyotaka Ishimaru as Weevil.

And if you’ve never listened to Whachow! before, give it a shot! It’s an hour of unrefined fun with a cast of eccentric personalities talking about games, geekdom, and whatever else is on their minds.

For the Love of Pasta Cats

With all of the madness and drama that too often go hand in hand with the Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged fandom, it’s easy to forget that behind the hordes of screaming fans who love quoting LittleKuriboh’s works are some generous and kindhearted people. This benevolence really showed through early last month when LittleKuriboh and his wife Marianne discovered that their cat Spaghetti had a life-threatening congenital condition.

“My cat Spaghetti is having to be kept overnight at the vet,” tweeted LK on April 9. “He’s not doing so good. Positive vibes.”

Spaghetti was given an x-ray, which revealed that his intestines were wrapped around his heart sac, among other problems. He was rushed to an emergency center, where LK learned that Spaghetti would require surgery. The cost? Between $5,000 and $7,000. LK and Marianne aren’t so well off to be able to afford that, and they only had two days to come up with the money. Marianne’s friend and fellow voice actor Patrick Seitz texted them, reminding them that they had a huge support base and urging them to do a fundraiser. Heck, if things went well, they might even raise enough to cover half of the costs.

“If we did a GoFundMe, would anyone be interested in helping?” LittleKuriboh asked his Twitter followers. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

Still with Spaghetti at his side in the emergency ward, LK downloaded the GoFundMe app and set up the fundraiser. Within about 10 minutes, they raised $2,000. And within 2 hours, they raised enough for the surgery. LK was overwhelmed with gratitude. On Tumblr, LK summarized the day’s events and posted photos of Spaghetti’s x-ray and hospital bills.

They ultimately raised so much money that they were able to donate the excess to Kitten Rescue and Guardians of all Creatures, two animal welfare organizations in southern California. LK’s friends 1KidsEntertainment and Nowacking got in on the action too, running a day-long Pokemon LeafGreen live stream (complete with call-in guests like LK) while raising money in their own campaign for Kitten Rescue.

In the end, Spaghetti’s surgery was a success. On his new YouTube channel, Pasta Cats, LittleKuriboh posted a video thanking each of the nearly 300 people who donated. He and Marianne will continue to add new videos of their cats to the channel. If the Internet has taught me anything, it’s that everyone loves cats, so I unquestionably expect Pasta Cats to become LK’s most popular channel by the end of the week.

Coming Soon: A Charity Event for RAINN

Speaking of donating money to worthy causes, LittleKuriboh revealed in a group interview held at the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (MTAC) in mid-April that he and Marianne will be running a big charity event on June 15 to raise money for RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), an American anti-sexual violence organization. The fundraiser will be live streamed and will feature live auctions and an even bigger line-up of guests than their last charity event, Card Games For Charity #6 in December 2012.

Like many of LK’s other sit-down interviews, this one is loaded with interesting factoids and is well worth listening to. In addition to his announcement about the upcoming fundraiser, he also talks about his biggest regrets while making YGOTAS, his love for tabletop games, how he met his wife and moved to the United States, and much more.

This interview was recorded by Andrew Byrd, the host of the A man & his pod comedy podcast.


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  1. You listen to whachow??

  2. Hahaha, yeah. I discovered it thanks to LK when he went on for an interview way back when. It’s a great podcast to listen to when I’m doing something that doesn’t require any brain power, like washing dishes or doing laundry. All of the immature jokes and crazy interaction between the cast really appeal to my inner kid, even if I often don’t know what they are talking about.

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