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Zorc & Pals credit, from Zorc VS St Louis - ANIME ST LOUIS PROMO

Whoa, a new anime con promo video from LittleKuriboh?! And it’s a new episode of Zorc & Pals?! Ha, here I was thinking that YGOTAS episode 61 would be it from LittleKuriboh while he stays super busy doing professional voiceover work. Check out the newest short that LK uploaded today, “Zorc VS St Louis – ANIME ST LOUIS PROMO” (on YouTube, Blip.tv), a promo for Anime St. Louis in Collinsville, Illinois. Spoiler: Zorc destroys everything.

Now in its ninth year, Anime St. Louis will take place between April 11 and 13 at the Gateway Center about 20 minutes northeast of St. Louis. In addition to inviting LittleKuriboh as a guest, Anime St. Louis will also welcome Los Angeles-based voice actor and entertainer Matt Mercer and Marisha Ray. Pre-registration closes tomorrow, so if you’ll be in the area and are thinking about attending, now’s the time to act!.

More Interviews with LK

In addition to staying active with his work and video projects, LittleKuriboh continues to engage with his fans in friendly sit-down interviews.

On January 31, LK returned to 91.8 The Fan for the sixth time, joining Kanashimi in her “Kana’s Corner” segment. The owner of the otaku-centric Internet radio station talked with LK about some of his upcoming plans, including an episode of Season Zero Abridged hopefully coming up next.

“I have a few ideas for which Season Zero Abridged episode I’m doing,” LK said. “I have a really specific idea for what I want to do and hopefully it won’t take me too long to write because those episodes tend to be much shorter, like five or six minutes.”

At AlmaCon in February, LK chatted with Mike Rienas from The Ohio Guys as part of his “Voice of the Voices” series. The pair talked about LK’s writing process for his YGOTAS episodes and how this process has changed from his early episodes. They also touched upon his experiences working on Death Note Abridged and DBZ Abridged and how those have affected his own work.

Both of these interviews join my list of interviews and Q&As with LK.

Finally, for a completely random bit of fun, check out LK and his wife, blackrose1m, dubbing a scene from Disney’s Aladdin at Disney California Adventure Park in Disneyland. The video was uploaded by sarcasticKatt.


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  1. I just randomly checked your website and you JUST updated! xD

  2. Don’t you love it when that happens? :P

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