[YGO: TAS] Episode 61 – Muerte Pinata

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Cards flying everywhere as Yami Yugi shuffles his deck in YGOTAS episode 61

Once he was the King of Games. Now he eats humble pie…? The card games reach their climax in the final duel of Battle City as Yami faces off against Melvin in episode 61 of LittleKuriboh’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged (on YouTube, Blip.tv)! Agh, it’s really here!

Will Yami defeat the evil Melvin and save Marik, Mai, and the world? Or will his adversary’s Winged Dragon of Ra (wait, who?!) get the better of the pharaoh in their Shadow Purple Game? Hmm, needs more Spanish National Orchestra.

YGOTAS episode 61 is one of LittleKuriboh’s longest episodes, clocking in at over 13 minutes.

“It’s a long ass episode. Might be able to cut it down a little,” LK tweeted when he began editing back in January. “Then again, it is the final duel of the season, so I’m tempted to just let it play out. Most of you seem to want me to leave the episode long. Hmmm. Weeell okaaaaay.”

Eventually, LK did rethink some of the episode’s jokes and left around three minutes on the cutting room floor. No complaints here! It seems to flow as well as his other recent episodes. Fans who saw LK at some of his recent convention visits may have seen him present a preview with a few of the now-deleted jokes, but LK doesn’t seem all that interested in releasing them now.

Regardless, LK deserves big props for the new episode! What a tremendous relief it must be for him to finally reach the end of season 3.

As usual, you can find this and his other episodes on my YGOTAS streams and downloads pages.

Super Anime Convention Update

LittleKuriboh’s next few months were already pretty full, but now they’re even busier! What new anime convention stops has he added since my last update? First up are the cons who have invited LK as a guest. There are a bunch, so let’s just get straight to them with some bullet points:

  • Animarathon, March 22 in Bowling Green, Ohio
  • EvilleCon, March 28 to 30 in Evansville, Indiana
  • Anime Blues Con, June 20 to 22 in Memphis, Tennessee (Yu-Gi-Oh! personalities Eric Stuart and Tom Wayland are also guests!)
  • ConnectiCon, July 10 to 13 in Hartford, Connecticut
  • Geek.Kon, August 22 to 24 in Middleton, Wisconsin
  • Alcon, September 4 to 7 in Leicester, England
  • Yama-Con, December 5 to 7 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Whew! Looks like a fun mix of new cons and return appearances. Alcon in particular is a nice surprise, since LK thought he wouldn’t be able to attend again this year.

LK has also announced that he will be returning to two enormous fan favorite cons, though not as a guest. First, he confirmed that he will be at Anime Expo in his backyard of Los Angeles, California from July 3 through 6.

Then, he’ll be making the trek to Baltimore, Maryland for Otakon from August 8 through 10, where he will once again be a panelist on the abridgers fan panel.

Check out the rest of his previously announced stops on my page for LK’s Anime Convention Schedule.

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