Cinedigm’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 4 DVD Set Scheduled for March 25 Release

January 29, 2014 at 7:55 pm | Posted in Duel Monsters, English dubbed, Konami, Yu-Gi-Oh! | 10 Comments

Yu-Gi-Oh! season 4 DVD set box mock-up from Cinedigm

The long-awaited complete fourth season of the English-dubbed Yu-Gi-Oh! anime is finally coming to DVD! 4KMedia (Konami) formally announced today that “Yu-Gi-Oh! The Official Fourth Season” is slated to be released on March 25. Like the season sets preceding it, season 4 comes from Cinedigm’s Flatiron Film label and contains six DVDs in two volumes, retailing for $44.95. The individual volumes are also available separately, retailing for $24.95 each, with volume 1 containing episodes 145 through 162 and volume 2 containing episodes 163 through 184.

This release is particularly anticipated because it is the first time season 4 is appearing in its entirety on DVD in Region 1 territory. Although all of this season’s episodes have always been officially available on Hulu (and prior to that, on 4Kids Entertainment’s websites), the previous DVD releases from distributor FUNimation saw a far less fortuitous end.

Between 2005 and 2006, FUNimation released three volumes for season 4 — “A New Evil,” “My Freaky Valentine,” and “Flight of Fear” — which included only episodes 145 through 168. The remaining episodes were never released, with FUNimation abruptly moving on to season 5 in early 2007 and never returning to season 4 to release a full set. Fans who already own FUNimation’s three volumes and who want to round out their collection will want to pick up Cinedigm’s three-disc “Season 4 Volume 2” DVDs. There will be some overlap of episodes between FUNimation’s and Cinedigm’s discs, but it’s not a big deal.

4K Media actually quietly let slip the release of volume 4 back in late December, even before Cinedigm confirmed the details of the DVDs. (Whoops! Was that a mistake?) Fans who are interested in picking up the season 4 set would do well to pre-order as soon as they can, since the season 3 set ended up being backordered from Cinedigm even before reaching its street date. Hit up your favorite retailer today!

One more season to go!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 3 DVD Box Set Scheduled for January 14, 2014 Release from Cinedigm


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  1. I think it’s great that dub Duel Monsters Season 4 is finally getting the proper DVD release it deserves. So props to 4K Media and Cinedigm for doing this.

  2. Definitely. A lot of people are looking forward to this one. I’m super excited!

  3. I am glad Season 3 was neatly split so each saga occupied one set. Now I can junk the Noah saga and eventually stick Season 5 in the missing box.

  4. @Duke How can you say that? Noah’s Saga/Virtual Saga was really good.

  5. It had its moments and I really like the Deck Master idea, but most of the duels were avererage at best, when it actually had dueling, and the final battle against Noah was cheap as all hell. Plus, I can’t stand the brat. The Gozoboroh/Seto duel could have been good, but it seemed like a tack-on finale just to advertise Exodia Necross. I actually liked the final 2 duels in the KC Grand Prix arc more.

  6. Season 5 is up on Amazon and is quite interesting. It will apparently include Capsule Monsters and will be split between 2 discs (Volume 1 & 3) and 3 discs (Volume 2).

  7. Will they be available on iTunes then? So far iTunes only has up to the end of Season 3.

  8. Yes, the digital releases have the same release dates as the DVD releases.

  9. i hope they will do the series in hd version! :D

  10. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s and ZEXAL will get an HD release, but Classic and GX can’t because HD materials don’t exist. They were made for SD television and were mastered on DigiBeta, which is an SD format. :(

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