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Marik's Frickstarter - Help Us Defeat The Pharaoh
Marik’s Kickstarter Frickstarter

Happy Thanksgiving! What better way to give thanks and enjoy some quality time with friends and family than to contribute to Marik’s Frickstarter? With your pledges, Marik and Bakura will be able to achieve some exciting goals on their way to defeating the pharaoh, like invading Saskatchewan, constructing an obscene statue in front of Yugi’s house, and downloading hundreds of movies and songs without paying for them! With such high quality goals, there’s no way they can fail… right?

Oh well. At least you can still grab a bunch of Marik’s Evil Council and Naruto Spoof Series T-shirts that they meant to give out to donators. Check out all of the details in LittleKuriboh’s shameless new video, “MARIK’S FRICKSTARTER – BLACK FRIDAY SHIRT SALE” (on YouTube, Blip.tv) and see more of LK’s shirts for sale at the Shark Robot store.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Update (December 2): It’s Cyber Monday! For today only, LittleKuriboh is offering a special incentive for anyone who purchases his Foxy Boxes T-shirt: a personalized 15-second audio message from Abridged Marik Ishtar! Check LK’s post on Tumblr for instructions on how to get it.


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  1. Can you provide a link? I can’t find this anywhere online!

  2. The link is in the post. The sale is over though.

  3. where is the link…can’t find it

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