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Yu-Gi-Oh! Cr@psule Monsters logo from episode 3
Fun fact: each of the three Cr@psule Monsters intros are ever so slightly different.

Previously on Crap: Yugi and the gang wind up in a mysterious land with no food or water. While Tristan and Tea try their hand at raising their Pokemon children, Joey is captured by Peter Jackson and Yami rides an invisible bicycle. Sounds pretty par for the course as far as crappy spin-off series go. Certainly they’ve all died from exposure by now, right?

No so! Today, LittleKuriboh uploaded the thrilling continuation to Cr@psule Monsters, with episode 3! Yugi and his friends reunite at last and are joined by Grandpa. Together, they run away from some stupid-looking flower monsters, battle Robin Williams (who’s even more powerful than Jeff Goldblum!), and discover an ancient Egyptian Tumblr post. Yup, still sounds pretty crappy to me. The best part? The “blood not funny” boy from the previous episode has apparently grown up and become 1KidsEntertainment.

Since LittleKuriboh’s YouTube channel, CardGamesFTW, is still down, this episode is currently only available on Blip.tv.

Shortly after LK announced the new video on Twitter, droves of fans headed to YuGiOhAbridged.com, causing the website to slow to a crawl. As a reminder, that website merely embeds videos that were uploaded to LK’s official Blip.tv account, so if it ever goes down (as it’s been prone to do whenever LK uploads something new), simply head to Blip instead.

Where Has Cr@psule Monsters Been?

The previous episode of Cr@psule Monsters was released in August 2008. Between then and now, LittleKuriboh has only made passing comments about whether or not he would like to continue the series (of course he would!) and in what direction he would like to take it. At some anime conventions, LK has explained his plans more thoroughly, though many of those ideas never panned out.

At Youmacon 2010 (October 2010), LK said Cr@psule Monsters would be finished within the next six months and that he had “very specific plans” for the show. At Kami-Con Season 3 (February 2011), he hinted that he wanted to do something with the show as an April Fools’ joke. He expanded on this comment at AVCon 2011 (July 2011), where he explained that he had intended to announce that there would be no new videos on April Fools’ Day, then suddenly release three new Cr@psule Monsters episodes, but that didn’t end up happening. LK noted that he does want to continue the show when he has the time for it and when he feels like it’s “right.”

Then, in August 2012, LK put up a Facebook poll asking his fans what he should release at Youmacon 2012, with Cr@psule Monsters 3 being among the five choices. Needless to say, the show didn’t make an appearance that year.

Cr@psule Monsters 3 finally premiered at Youmacon 2013 about two weeks ago, but even this almost didn’t happen.

“I’m just gonna put this out there – there’s a chance I won’t have my current projects done for Youmacon,” LittleKuriboh tweeted on October 16. “I say this because I’ve been too busy working on actual paid work and that’s kept me extremely busy. I consider this a good thing. I’ve been getting up super early to try and fit in bits of time here and there for my own stuff, but I can’t place it over paid work. So in advance, my apologies. Suffice to say, you WILL see stuff from me, but it might not be finished.”

Just when it seemed like the load was too much for him to bare, things got even worse for LK one week out from Youmacon when he was injured after exercising.

“So I hurt my knee yesterday,” he tweeted on October 23. “Not sure how I did it. It felt better earlier but now it has decided to cause me constant, intense pain. […] I’m done editing. I’m in intense pain. Marianne gave me her crutches. […] At this rate I’ll have nothing to show at Youmacon and I guess I’ll have to deal with that too.”

On the October 24 episode of the Wha-chow! podcast, LK finally revealed that his mystery project was Cr@psule Monsters 3.

“I really wanted to do that for Youmacon and […] everything happened,” he said despondently. “I don’t know if it’s going to be finished so I’m just all disappointed in myself.”

And yet he powered through the pain and his busy schedule and still managed to finish anyway. Aww, LK, don’t be disappointed in yourself. Your fans will love you no matter what!

Anime Con Update: San Japan 7

Yesterday, San Japan announced that LittleKuriboh will be returning as a guest for its event on July 18 through 20, 2014! The con, now in its seventh year, will be once again be held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center and San Antonio Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Antonio, Texas. Pre-register at San-Japan.org.

At least one overseas convention has also invited LK, though it’s not clear whether or not he will be able to attend.

“Got invited to a con in Newcastle. Here’s hoping they realize I live in the USA,” he tweeted.

He doesn’t specifically say which country the con is located (there are major cities named Newcastle in England and Australia), though there are at least two cons running in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Unless the con is able to offer LK a place to stay and pay for his airfare, he can’t afford to go.

Update (November 27): CardGamesFTW returned today, making a glorious comeback after being banned on October 26. Wow, it took an entire month for the channel to return this time. Looks like LK has one more thing to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day tomorrow!

Update (November 28): Happy Thanksgiving! LK has now uploaded Cr@psule Monsters 3 to CardGamesFTW. Gee whiz, I sure hope this video doesn’t cause the channel to get shut down again. ;)


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  1. Meh, this episode was OK. Not a lot of meme-worthy lines here and the jokes were mostly pretty stale. I am still shocked LK has not made fun of Yami’s hair yet. My God, is it horrible in this series.

  2. Bwahaha. I’m glad someone else is bothered by Yami’s hair. There’s one shot where it’s absolutely huge compared to everything else.

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