Cinedigm’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 2 DVD Set Slated for November 5 Release

September 17, 2013 at 6:22 pm | Posted in Duel Monsters, English dubbed, Konami, Yu-Gi-Oh! | 8 Comments

Yu-Gi-Oh! season 2 Cinedigm box mock-up

Today, 4K Media (Konami) formally announced on Facebook that the English-dubbed season 2 DVD set of the classic Yu-Gi-Oh! anime is available for pre-order! “Yu-Gi-Oh! The Official Second Season” is scheduled to be released on November 5 from Cinedigm Entertainment’s Flatiron Film Company label. The box set contains two 3-disc DVDs volumes and retails for $44.95. Each individual volume can also be purchased separately without the box, retailing for $24.95 each.

As with Cinedigm’s season 1 set, eagle-eyed Yu-Gi-Oh! fans have gotten the jump on this pre-order news, having already spotted the DVD listed on various online retailers back in July. Don’t wait, pre-order today!

Cinedigm’s ‘Yu-Gi-Oh! The Official First Season’ Box Set: An Overview


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  1. Hmm.. Since Season 1 Was Released in September, and Season 2 in November, it could possibly mean a two month wait until another season is released like for example:
    January 2014: Season 3
    March 2014: Season 4
    May 2014: Season 5

    I wonder if it’s going to end being this way??

  2. We won’t know for sure until the dates are announced, but I think that’s a great schedule to follow. One DVD set every two months is really fast!

  3. The next three season sets should feature the Egyptian Gods. I think Ra for Season 3, Obelisk for Season 4 and Slifer for Season 5.

  4. Considering they have hundreds of episodes to release, they probably want to hurry up and get through the first 3 series and the first half of Zexal. I expect the release schedule to slow down when it gets to Zexal.

    At least it’s better than the Power Rangers early adopters. I got both box sets near release and have had to wait over a year before Lightspeed Rescue was even announced, let alone released.

  5. @Charles Martin
    Great choices!
    Definitely. Faster is better. I’m actually hoping Cinedigm increases its offerings for the holiday season (e.g. simultaneous releases of more than one series). It would really help drive its sales.

  6. Actually, I am going to guess that Season 3 will be Mega Ultra Chicken, Season 4 will be one of the Legendary Dragons, while Season 5 will be either Zorc or Exodia.

  7. @Duke
    Exodia’s on the Season Set spines, so I doubt they’d use it again for a cover. Also, to they even have stock artwork of Timaeus (they’d probably choose him out of all the three legendary dragons since Yugi used him)?

  8. They used stock art of the Dragons for the FUNi singles, so it probably is in whatever folder Cinedigm was given. Dark Magician Girl might be another candidate since she plays a big role and is, you know, the Dark Magician Girl.

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