[YGO: TAS] Episode 60 – How Kaiba Got His Groove Back

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Melvin calling the Millennium Item Tech Support hotline in YGOTAS episode 60
The Millennium Tech Support hotline: so slow that LittleKuriboh released a new episode of YGOTAS while Melvin was stuck on the line. We’re calm. We’re calm. We’re calm.

Episode 60 of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged is here! Check out “How Kaiba Got His Groove Back” on Blip.tv, where Joey and Kaiba Koiba duel for the Battle City tournament bronze medal (lol) and Melvin deals with outsourced customer support to try to figure out why his Millennium Rod malfunctioned. Meanwhile, Marik takes control of Tea Gardner and forces her to do his bidding.

LittleKuriboh is holding off on uploading the episode to YouTube until September, since the copyright infringement-sniffing software that plagues his account always seems to come alive at the end of the month.

YGOTAS episode 60 made its first appearance at Otakon at the beginning of this month, where LK showed a short preview at his abridging panel to a packed house. The following week, he showed an extended preview at San Japan, before finally debuting the completed product last weekend at Mythicon.

As usual, you can find links to stream and download this and other LK works on my YGOTAS streams and downloads pages.

YGOTAS and the World of Abridging in The Huffington Post

LittleKuriboh and Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged have been highlighted by a small number of news publications before, but last week, LK, YGOTAS, and the abridging fandom received their highest-profile coverage to date in The Huffington Post. Writer and “online culture consultant” Malcolm Collins provided newcomers with an overview of the world of abridging, highlighting its purpose, origins, and some other popular creations like Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Naruto Abridged, Code MENT, and Friendship is Witchcraft.

Though Collins get some details wrong (YGOTAS Episode 1 Redux was a remake of the first episode of YGOTAS, not the first episode itself), the piece is nonetheless a short, fun read. But even more than that, it’s captivating to see LK and his work actually be discussed in a major publication!

Anime Convention Update: 2014 is Here

LittleKuriboh has had anime conventions for 2014 lined up for quite a while. Now, the first of undoubtedly many con announcements for next year has come forth.

LK has revealed that he will be returning to Alma, Michigan for AlmaCon on February 7 to 9, 2014! AlmaCon is organized by the Alma College and Otaku Gamers club and is in its fourth year. Other announced guests include voice actors Mike McFarland and Chuck Huber, and That Guy With The Glasses’ Doug Walker. This will be LK’s second appearance as a guest at the event.

A brief update is in order for one of LittleKuriboh’s anime con stops in December 2013. LK had been scheduled to attend Domo Con, a new anime convention scheduled for December 13 through 15 in Lisle, Illinois. That convention has since received a cease and desist order from Big Tent Entertainment, which owns the rights to the Domo brand in the U.S., for using the Domo name and the sawtoothed mouth design in its logo. That convention has been renamed Con Alt Delete. All other aspects of the event, including its location and guest list, are unaffected.

What’s Next for LK?

There’s one episode left in season 3 of YGOTAS, and LK will have to make the painful decision of what to do with Melvin for the finale. How will he handle the pressure?

In addition to YGOTAS, a new episode of the Naruto Spoof Series has been in the works! Gasp! LK has even recorded some lines for the show. He won’t have it ready for Alcon next month, but the rest of his September is mostly open for him to work his magic.

“I have so much material for Naruto Spoof right now,” he previously tweeted. “I think I might have to jump right into a Naruto Spoof episode right after YGOTAS Episode 60.”

So if LK works really, really hard, and we are really, really lucky, we could see something very soon.

As for his real life, LK has had a couple of new voice acting opportunities spring up, including the role of Frieza in K&K Productions’ live-action fan project of the Dragon Ball Z Frieza saga. Looks pretty cool!

Update (September 1): LittleKuriboh has uploaded YGOTAS episode 60 to CardGamesFTW on YouTube! Quick, watch it before the channel goes down again! ;)

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