[NTACFSSS/YGO: TAS] San Japan – 100% Emo Cure

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Yami highlighting some San Japan guests in LittleKuriboh's San Japan - 100% Emo Cure video

When’s the last time LittleKuriboh made an anime con promo video? It must have been like a year ago or something! Agh! (Actually it was in February with Marik Plays Mass Effect.) Well, calm your anxious fidgeting and check out “San Japan – 100% Emo Cure” (on YouTube, Blip.tv)! With a title like that, you know exactly who this video is going to focus on: the Naruto Spoof Series’ Sasuke! Great to see you again, my man! It’s been a long time since I’ve heard your voice. How’s life treating you?

LittleKuriboh reminds us in the promo that he will be a guest at San Japan in San Antonio, Texas from August 16 through 18. Also attending will be voice actors Johnny Yong Bosch, Scott Freeman, and Carrie Savage, famous Internet celebrity SuperPsyguy, and a slew of other guests!

As usual, the promo video has been added to my YGOTAS streams and downloads pages. And check out my page for LittleKuriboh’s Anime Convention Schedule to see what other cons LK is headed to later this year.

LittleKuriboh Visits the Assassin’s Creed Charity Live Stream

On July 23, LittleKuriboh paid a visit via Skype to the Assassin’s Creed Charity live stream. The event, organized by Tom Hope and the folks at Pixels Edge, involved a rotating cast playing through Assassin’s Creed 1, 2, Brotherhood, Revelations, and 3 without stopping, all in the name of raising money for Child’s Play.

LittleKuriboh called in about 24 hours into the stream, just as the gang began Assassin’s Creed 2 (jump to 14:26:00). LK discussed his thoughts about various AC elements and his recent projects, took viewers’ questions about his favorite YGOTAS voices and episodes, and even rapped “The Phresh Pharaoh Of Bel Air Theme”!

The ACCharity live stream began on July 22 and culminated at ConBravo! in Hamilton, Ontario on July 27.

Like what you hear? Check out LK’s other interviews and Q&As that I’ve followed in the past.

LittleKuriboh’s Upcoming Projects

LittleKuriboh deserves a huge congratulations. He revealed on July 24 that he has landed his first professional lead role as the character Dougal in the upcoming interactive video game/visual novel hybrid Icebound! The developers will be launching a Kickstarter for the game in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.

LK has also been working hard on YGOTAS episode 60, which will cover Joey’s duel with Kaiba. Can you believe that we’re almost at the end of season 3? Whew!

CardGamesFTW: Banned Yet Again

Well, we’ve reached the end of the month again. You know what that means. CardGamesFTW got nailed by the copyright-infringement sniffing “bots” yet again on July 22. This is termination number 14, and as usual, the automated claims came from Yu-Gi-Oh! licensor Nihon Ad Systems, Inc. (NAS).

How many videos did LK even upload since the account was last suspended on June 25? I think there had only been one! (YGOTAS episode 59.) Sheesh. CardGamesFTW eventually returned last time on July 1. I hope there’s an equally quick turnaround this time.

Update (August 6): CardGamesFTW returned this evening. Thank goodness. The turnaround wasn’t as fast as last time, but I’m not complaining!

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