[YGO: TAS] Episode 59 – Crowd Atlas / Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Website Redesigned

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Kaiba reacting to Pegasus' confession at the end of YGOTAS episode 59
Artwork by CrikeyDave

Rejoice, Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged fans, for LittleKuriboh has completed episode 59! “Crowd Atlas” was released late last night and is available exclusively on the official YGOTAS Blip.tv channel for one week (more on that below).

As an abridgment of Yami and Kaiba’s six-part Battle City semifinal duel, this episode sure does cover a lot of ground: death, Enemy Controller, DK Mode, adoption jokes, God cards, ancient Egyptian flashbacks, cartoon dragon wallpaper, off-screen resurrections… Wait, I think some of those weren’t in the original.

But the best part of the episode (super spoiler alert!) is easily the awesome new song: a parody of Queen’s “We Will Rock You”! We haven’t gotten killer music from LK in quite a while, and there’s no better way to summarize the events of this episode than with the lyrics, so here we go:

Yugi, you’re a fool
Winning big duels, trying to play it cool
Buddy, I’m gonna screw the rules
You got mud on your face, big disgrace
Seto Kaiba’s gonna put you back into your place

We’ll play, we’ll play card games

Kaiba, you’re a man
You’ve got no fans, beat me if you can
Try to summon your Blue Dragon
It’s gonna end just the same, King of Games
Then somebody’s gonna put me in the hall of fame

We’ll play, we’ll play card games

Is there a longer version of the song? We can only hope!

Episode 59 certainly has been a long time coming. LittleKuriboh has been working on the script since January, juggling his YGOTAS production with his other projects and real life obligations. By May 26, LK had finally finished enough of the episode to show a three-minute preview to some very lucky attendees at his Fanime panel. Then, at the beginning of this month, he presented a nine-minute preview at A-Kon.

Hmm, after watching the episode, I suddenly have a strange urge to follow the official Team Four Star Tumblr account.

Bonus: Espa Roba’s baby makes an appearance in the episode, looking very much alive. Can you find him? …Uh oh, a plot hole!

YuGiOhAbridged.com Gets a Facelift

Coinciding with LittleKuriboh’s release of YGOTAS episode 59 is a revamp of YuGiOhAbridged.com. The most notable change is the website’s new layout, which now features a much improved organization of the Blip.tv video embeds. And with YouTube’s copyright infringement-sniffing “bots” frequently taking down CardGamesFTW, Lord knows fans have been needing an easier way to watch the episodes.

As a way to raise awareness of the website, LittleKuriboh is keeping episode 59 a Blip.tv exclusive for one week, after which he’ll upload it to YouTube. It’s a fantastic idea, though I wish he’d place more emphasis on the official YGOTAS Blip.tv channel rather than just drawing attention to the website. His videos are uploaded to Blip.tv and embedded on YGOTAS.com; they aren’t stored on YGOTAS.com’s servers. Making the distinction is important.

Minutes after LK announced that episode 59 was available on YGOTAS.com — and how the website would remain a “stable and permanent place” for watching his videos even when his YouTube channel was suspended — the website actually went down due to a massive influx of visitors. Ungrateful individuals promptly criticized LK on Facebook and Twitter, knocking the reliability of his claims (and of the website). Savvier fans knew to head over to Blip.tv instead.

Personally, I find that my YGOTAS streams and downloads indexes, which are already filled with Blip.tv links, are easier to use. I might be a little biased though. ;)

Anyway, check out LK’s announcement video on YouTube to hear him discuss more about the updates.

A Rough Cut From Bonds Beyond Time Abridged

While browsing through one of his hard drives last month, LittleKuriboh found a gem from a very rough cut of his Bonds Beyond Time Abridged movie. The video shows his super early edits on the Paraboss scene and features him voicing all three of the protagonists: Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei. How’s that for a neat little extra?

What’s Next For LittleKuriboh?

What’s LittleKuriboh’s next anime convention stop? At this very moment, he’s on his way to Anime Blues Con in Memphis, Tennessee where he’ll hold a panel this Sunday at 1:00 pm and signings on Friday at 8:00 pm and Sunday at 2:00 pm.

Next week, from June 28 to 30, LK will be guesting at AniMinneapolis in Bloomington, Minnesota. And the week afterward, from July 4 to 7, it’s Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California where he’ll be holding a fan panel with friends. After that, he’ll have a well-deserved break until Otakon in August. Whew!

Update (June 25): Looks like LittleKuriboh’s announcement didn’t come a moment too soon. In the wee hours of this morning, CardGamesFTW was banned yet again from YouTube, continuing the ongoing trend of end-of-the-month terminations that have been plaguing his channel for far too long. As usual, the takedown is a result of automated copyright infringement claims from Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! producer Nihon Ad Systems (NAS).

Today’s takedown is lucky number 13 for CardGamesFTW. Prior to today’s incident, the previous termination took place on April 28, with the account being restored on May 10.

It’s a shame that this keeps happening to LK. He hadn’t even uploaded episode 59 to YouTube yet, so it must have been some of his previous video projects that were sniffed out. Since he addressed his fans of this problem again just last week, hopefully there will be less uncertainty from everyone about what’s going on and where to find his videos. (Though with the Internet being the Internet, I predict that there will still be a lot of “ZOMGBANNEDAGAIN” hysteria coming from uninformed individuals.)

Update (July 1): CardGamesFTW was reinstated this evening. That was, dare I say, resolved quite quickly!

Update (July 2): Aaaand YGOTAS episode 59 is now up on YouTube! LK, gracious as always, apologized for the delay, even though none of this was his fault.

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