LittleKuriboh on Shelf Life, K-On! The Movie, Heroes of Newerth

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LittleKuriboh fans, want to see LK doing something a little different? Then you’ve got a lot of great stuff to check out! First up is the latest episode Shelf Life, a standout web series produced by Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal’s company Monkey Kingdom Productions. LK and his wife Marianne play members of a zombie horde that attack the heroes! This is, as far as I know, LK’s first foray into a professionally produced live-action show.

Shelf Life is a series of short videos about the adventures of four cynical, foul-mouthed action figures. This episode, the first part of the season finale, was filmed back in November 2012 and was just released yesterday evening. (Don’t worry, you can get into it even if you’ve never seen any of the other episodes. After seeing this, you’ll probably want to though!)

So Marianne’s obviously the zombie with short red hair. Which one is LittleKuriboh? I think he’s the one wearing the red bomber hat and the shirt with the Slender Man operator symbol. I’m pretty sure I also spotted LK’s friend Lee (who joined LK during his My Little Pony marathon) as a zombie, too. His muttonchops and field cap are pretty hard to miss!

LittleKuriboh on K-On! The Movie and Heroes of Newerth

Also hitting the streets yesterday was Section23 Films’ English-language release of K-On! The Movie. The dub, produced by Bang Zoom! Entertainment, features LittleKuriboh as the guv’nor of a London sushi shop and other incidental characters. The DVD and Blu-ray of the film are available on Amazon, Right Stuf, and other major retailers.

Furthermore, LK lent his voice to Chip Legionnaire, a character from the free-to-play multiplayer game Heroes of Newerth. Chip, a sexy stripper, was made available for play on May 15. I think I hear a little bit of Pegasus and Naruto in his voice!

It’s pretty exciting to see LittleKuriboh landing these professional roles. His voice demo reel is available on SoundCloud and his first ever professional recording session took place in March earlier this year. Since then, he’s attended a lot of auditions, been cast in new parts (including a lead role!), and been very busy recording professionally. Sounds like he’s doing pretty well!

LK Talks MST3K on MSTieCast

On May 1, MSTieCast, a podcast dedicated to Mystery Science Theater 3000, released their interview with LittleKuriboh. Hosts Toby Mobias and Joshua MacLeod chatted with LK about how he got into MST3K, the ways MST3K has influenced his work on YGOTAS, his experience at GatewayCon in St. Louis, Missouri (his first ever convention!), and much more.

Even though I know very little about MST3K, I found this to be an outstanding interview. It’s not often that you get to hear LK sit down and talk passionately and extensively about a fandom different from Yu-Gi-Oh! Give it a listen!

CardGamesFTW: Takedown #12

In other non-news, CardGamesFTW was banned from YouTube on April 28. Sigh. As usual, LK filed a counter notification and it returned on the evening of May 10. That marked the 12th time the account has been banned, following its March 27 termination.

We’re approaching the end of the month. Please, YPD, spare LK’s account!

What’s Next For LK?

LittleKuriboh’s next anime convention stop is at San Jose’s Fanime this weekend, where he will be hosting a panel on Sunday.

Additionally, LK and Marianne have announced that they will both be attending E3 next month, from June 11 to 13.

As for his personal undertakings, LK has talked a lot about working on various projects, from YGOTAS to Let’s Plays to fanfics, since his upload of YGOTAS episode 58 in December 2012. But he’s clearly been very busy with his real life work, leaving him little time for himself. Most recently, he has announced his completion of YGOTAS episode 59’s script.

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