Anime Video Streaming Website Now Live

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Homepage of on May 15, 2013

Anime video streaming and E-commerce platform is officially open for business! The website kicks off with episodes of Lupin III, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed HD, Mobile Suit Z Gundam, The Prince of Tennis: The National Tournament, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Sword Art Online. As part of its launch, Daisuki is inviting anime fans to participate in its giveaways of anime-related goods and to vote in a series of surveys for the titles that they would like to watch. Thus far, One Piece is listed as an upcoming addition to the website.

Alongside the free anime episodes, Daisuki is also set to offer paid videos and anime products, though both of those sections on the website are currently empty. It remains to be seen whether Daisuki will offer a subscription model similar to Crunchyroll or Hulu. Its user’s guide briefly mentions the availability of “discount package plan[s].”

Daisuki was first announced at the end of February and is a product born from the collaboration of Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! licensors Asatsu-DK (ADK) and Nihon Ad Systems (NAS) with Aniplex, Dentsu, Sunrise, TMS Entertainment, and Toei Animation. ADK and NAS together own a 39 percent stake in the company.

A representative of Daisuki will appear on AnimeNewsNetwork’s ANNCast podcast later this week in a 30-minute segment.

ADK, NAS, Other Japanese Producers to Launch Anime Streaming Website

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