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Little Kuriboh getting his head shaved during his My Little Pony marathon live stream
This happened again.

In an effort to raise money to bring Nowacking and 1KidsEntertainment, his friends and the creators of Pokemon ‘Bridged, to Alcon 2013, Little Kuriboh on Sunday offered potential donators a startling incentive: if they receive one single $500 donation, he would marathon My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Within four hours, an anonymous donor did just that. So, LK made good on his promise yesterday, watching the first 28 episodes over the course of 12+ hours. Here’s the recorded event in its entirety: Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Some highlights from the live stream include:

  • That Annoying Sensei Guy from LK’s Naruto Spoof singing the MLP theme song at 2:25:34 in part 1.
  • Certain acts of extreme violence, the best examples taking place at 48:16 in part 3.
  • Naruto singing Pinkie Pie’s “Smile Song” at 50:30 in part 3.
  • Marik, Bakura, and other characters singing “Winter Wrap Up” at 57:40 in part 3.
  • LK performing the ebonics version of YGOTAS episode 46 at 1:13:05 in part 3. (Spoilers: Mega Ultra Chickn n’ Corn Bread!)
  • Marik singing the literal version of the MLP theme song at 1:33:10 in part 3.
  • And of course, LK getting his head shaved in part 4.

Little Kuriboh’s live stream kicked off at 9:00 am PDT yesterday on and ran past midnight. He was joined at various times by his wife Marianne as well as his friends Lee, Kaiji, and TomaMoto. Lee in particular was very knowledgeable about the MLP universe and provided all sorts of insight into the various MLP episodes and generations (though he was adamant that he not be lumped in with the Brony fandom!).

To keep the live stream entertaining, LK was forbidden from using the word “pony,” with each mention being counted against him. (Spoilers: He doesn’t get very far.) Eventually, he decided that if he said “pony” 100 times, he would have to get his legs professionally waxed. If he said it 150 times, he’d do his back. And if he said it 200 times, he’d do his chest. So what ended up happening? LK said his 100th “pony” near the end of the 26th and final episode of the first season. Poor LK. Oh well, here’s hoping his trip to a salon will be recorded!

LK also provided various incentives to encourage people to support the fundraisers for Nowacking and 1KidsEntertainment and for Abridgers to Alcon 2013. A single $500 donation (later reduced to $225), led LK to shave his head live. And $3,000 in total donations led him to perform an ebonics version of any YGOTAS episode, for which episode 46 received the most requests by the chat. Sadly, we did not see anyone give a single $1,000 donation, which would have led LK to get a tattoo of his choosing on his arm.

The live stream ran, for the most part, without a hitch. The only major stumbling block came at 2:39:00 in part 1 when a administrator named truthful entered the chat and presented LK with an inopportune notice: “Hello martininamerica, Twitch is exclusively for gaming / gaming related content only. What you’re currently stream is neither gaming nor gaming related therefore I’ll have to ask you to kindly please stop immediately.” LK quickly relocated to, where he streamed for the rest of the day without issue.

So after all that, does LK have a favorite pony? “Apple Jack is best pony, Pinkie Pie can f**k off,” he tweeted.

More Convention Announcements

Thought Little Kuriboh wasn’t adding any more anime convention stops for the rest of this year? Think again! First up is Youmacon 2013, to be held on October 31 through November 3. This will be LK’s fifth guest appearance at the Detroit, Michigan event, which has really established itself as the convention for abridgers.

LK has also been invited to Domo Con, taking place between December 13 and 15 in Lisle, Illinois. So far, the event has announced LK and Vic Mignogna as guests.

Additionally, LK has been contacted by J-Culture Con in Derby, England, though it appears that the organizers were unaware that LK now lives in the U.S. Although an initial response to the invitation produced no response from the con, LK eventually managed to get in contact with the organizers and is now in further discussions with them. Will LK be flying out to Derby to attend the September 20 and 21 event? Keep watching their website for updates!

For a list of all of Little Kuriboh’s stops this year, have a look at my LK’s Anime Convention Schedule page.

LK Returns to 91.8 The Fan

It seems like at least once every year since 2010, Little Kuriboh makes an appearance on 91.8 The Fan, a live anime-focused Internet radio station. This year, LK dropped by the Kana’s Korner program on January 31 for an interview with host Kanashimi, though the recording wasn’t posted until just last week. Strange!

Anyway, LK chats with Kanashimi about his role in the Crisis Heart Brawlers: Clash at Otakon video game, shares his opinions about the Silent Hill games, and pimps out the now fully funded Cryamore Kickstarter. Yeah, there’s some outdated stuff in there, but it was a fun time, so give it a listen anyway!

To hear Little Kuriboh’s previous interviews on 91.8 The Fan and on other programs and podcasts, check out my Interviews and Q&As with LK page.

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  1. There’s something else I just found out – Nicktoons has now picked up the whole Yu-Gi-Oh! library (not including the 1998 series, of course) of nearly 600 episodes.

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