[YGO: TAS] Yu-Gi-Oh – The Ebonics’d Series

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Three Blue Peeps Whitey Dragons from Yu-Gi-Oh The Ebonics'd Series

Little Kuriboh didn’t get a chance to upload a video on April Fools’ Day this year, but his new video released earlier today will more than make up for it: Yu-Gi-Oh – The Ebonics’d Series!

The video features a recording from Kitsune Kon this past March where LK plugs the script for YGOTAS episode 1 into the Ebonics Translator and performs a live reading of the “translation.” Riley Freeman, Jaden, Skeletor, and a bunch of “black” cards also make special appearances.

Somewhere along the line, LK’s “ebonics” seems to morph into some other kind of Southern American English. I was waiting for a “howdy” or “y’all” to be slipped in there. :)

Next up: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Ebonics’d Vagina Monologues episode 1?

Kitsune Kon 2013 Rules Video

Speaking of Kitsune Kon, check out its Opening Ceremonies Rules Video that Little Kuriboh made for the event, where YGOTAS characters highlight the super strict policies that prevented any attendees from having fun. (Just kidding!) If you’ve ever wanted to see what Marik would do when he’s completely plastered, you’re looking in the right place!

The video was definitely made for Kitsune Kon in Wisconsin and was not a generic video thrown together at the last minute. Definitely.

Update: Uploads of the Ebonics video are now also on the Ninjabridged YouTube channel and, thanks to its sudden return earlier this evening, the CardGamesFTW channel.

Update (April 5): LK has now uploaded the Kitsune Kon video to his own CardGamesFTW channel, as well as to Blip.tv, which means that downloadable versions are also available!


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  1. kaiba don’ took it!
    hahahaah hilarious

  2. I’ve watched this three times already, laughing maniacally each time. I love “da Blue Peeps Whitey Dragon,” Tea’s “Gather around, brothas,” and Yami’s “Jive to the hand!” XD

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