[YGO: TAS] Little Kuriboh to Attend Miami Hurricon, Anime Blues Con / YPD Strikes Down CardGamesFTW Again

March 27, 2013 at 7:30 pm | Posted in Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series | 2 Comments
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Logos of Miami Hurricon and Anime Blues Con

Ever wake up one fine day and discover that you’ve sudden been invited to an anime convention that is less than three weeks away? It just happened to Little Kuriboh, who found out yesterday that he and blackrose1m will be guesting at Miami Hurricon on April 14! This will be their second time attending the event. Miami Hurricon is a one-day anime convention organized by the University of Miami’s anime club and takes place on campus in Coral Gables, Florida. Admission is free!

LK has also confirmed that he will be a guest at Anime Blues Con later this year, sharing the spotlight with voice actors Steve Blum, Wendee Lee, and Chris Patton. Anime Blues is now in its third year and will take place from June 21 through 23 in Memphis, Tennessee.

Hmm, we haven’t gotten any promo videos since Marik Plays Mass Effect in early February. I hope LK makes more for these or other future cons!

“Guh. About 20 cons this year in total. I think I need to start attending Cons Anonymous,” LK joked.

Nine Days Later: CardGamesFTW Terminated Again

“Apparently my YouTube channel is back up,” Little Kuriboh tweeted on March 19, just one day after it had returned from being banned back on February 25. “How much am I bet [sic] that it’ll be down again by the end of the month?”

Anyone else that took that bet can go cash in their ticket, as CardGamesFTW was just terminated earlier today, a mere nine days after being reinstated. I guess the YouTube Police Department didn’t like what it saw in Season Zero Abridged #3 and decided to ban the account for an astonishing 11th time! (In all seriousness, it was an automated process that struck down LK’s account, same as in all of the previous incidents.)

Well, you know the drill by now. Check out LK’s YGOTAS Blip.tv channel and his other YouTube account, Ninjabridge, to get your daily LK fix. But don’t be surprised if Ninjabridge disappears in the near future…

While we wait for CardGamesFTW to return, why not follow That Annoying Sensei Guy, who abruptly appeared a week ago and proclaimed that he found the One Piece was invited to a Pony Convention?

Update (April 3): A one-week turnaround? That was unexpectedly fast! CardGamesFTW was unsuspended earlier this evening. For the love of Ra, please, almighty YPD, let the channel make it to the two-week mark before terminating it again! 9_9


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  1. I’m looking for BBT abridged in good quality, but his account its banned again…i hope somebody can help me to find them!

    PD: Nice to see someone who cares about this, those links you left there are so helpfull

  2. Check my YGOTAS streams and downloads pages. The Blip.tv links are in there.

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