[YGO: TAS] Season Zero Abridged #3

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Yugi, Tristan, and Detective Grey with a photo of Tatsu The Hedgehog in YGOTAS Season 0 episode 3

“Here we are at new episode release.” At MomoCon this past weekend, Little Kuriboh premiered the third episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Season Zero Abridged, a tale of horrific violence, torture, death, and YouTube copyright violations! Yesterday evening, he uploaded the video for the rest of the world to enjoy! It’s only on Blip.tv (for now), so go check it out!

Episode 3 is also available for download in MP4 and M4V formats. (There’s no AVI file available this time.)

Another Anime Convention Update: Another Anime Convention

Little Kuriboh has added yet another stop to his ever-growing schedule of 2013 anime convention visits: Another Anime Convention (yes, that’s the name of the con!). As a guest at the Manchester, New Hampshire event, LK will share the stage with several other personalities from the anime industry, including J. Michael Tatum, Michele Knotz, Troy Baker, and Stephanie Young. AAC will take place from October 18 through 20.

Additionally, LK has confirmed that he will be attending Fanime from May 24 through 27 in San Jose, California. Though he is not invited as a guest, he may still take part in a panel.

Adding to his previous con announcements, LK has also revealed that he will participate in panels at Sakura-Con in Seattle, Washington (March 29 through 31) and Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California (July 4 through 7).

CardGamesFTW: Banned Again

As you’ve probably already noticed, Little Kuriboh’s primary YouTube channel, CardGamesFTW, has been suspended yet again. Sigh. This stopped being newsworthy after the third or so incident, but someone has to keep track of this nonsense! The channel was slapped with multiple copyright infringement claims on February 24 and was then terminated on February 25.

“The bad news is that YouTube just took down my YouTube account for the 45th time,” LK joked on Facebook. “I managed to counter claim some of the videos that got hit, so with any luck it’ll go back up in a week or two.” Curiously, LK did not receive any notices from YouTube when his videos were yanked, or after his account had been taken down.

This marks the tenth time CardGamesFTW has been suspended. The account was last terminated on December 16, 2012, and then restored on December 31.

Update (March 18): CardGamesFTW was unsuspended earlier today. Yay!

Update (April 4): Season Zero Abridged #3 is now on YouTube!


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  2. Oh, and GET THIS: Yu-Gi-Oh! is now airing weekdays at 5p-6p in addition to 8p-9p; AND Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL will make its Nicktoons debut on Friday, April 12 at 9p.

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