Card Games For Charity #6 Fanfic: Our Love Is Violence

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A close-up of Marik Ishtar in episode 69

During the Card Games For Charity #6 live stream event back in December, Little Kuriboh dedicated one hour to providing a very special incentive for donators: for every $50 donated during that hour to the Red Cross, LK would write 1,000 words in a brand-new fanfic! Fans who know LK’s work know of his strengths as a writer, not only in the realm of YGOTAS and other screenwriting projects, but also in creative writing.

Yesterday, LK made good on his promise, releasing Our Love Is Violence, a 7,500-word M-rated Thiefshipping fic about Marik and Bakura’s exploits in the tomb of a certain pharaoh. Unlike his previous story written for charity, Marik & Bakura Go To Censored Town, this new one is a tad more serious, and Marik and Bakura don’t do as much diddle-daddling before getting busy.

Can’t get enough of the action? “There’s still three more chapters to go,” says LK. Yup, that was only chapter 1!

LK on AbridgedForums Live

Earlier this month, Little Kuriboh and Dutch abridger HarrysFiddlesticks were invited to AbridgedForums Live, a monthly podcast hosted by Airrest, codeblackhayate, Ezekieru, and 1Kids about the world of abridging, with plenty of tangents of course.

In their January 5 recording, the gang chatted about why abridged series are able to transcend boundaries and appeal to people all across the world, how they balance ongoing jokes so as to appeal to both longtime fans and new viewers, and their thoughts about the presence of an “abridged community.” LK also talks about his favorite episode, whether or not he’s worried about running out of jokes, how he warms up when preparing for an episode, and a whole lot more.

If you’ve got two hours to spare, give this a listen as this is one of LK’s better recent interviews, and check out some of LK’s older interviews that I’ve followed if you want to hear more from the creator of YGOTAS!


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  1. Here’s even more YGO news: just now, Anime News Network released an article from Konami about the PS3 premiere of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels Plus and its update for the Xbox 360. Features include: Voice/Text chat compatibility, over 2000 playable cards, such as those from the original, GX and 5D’s, 100s of additional cards and packs for purchase through Xbox Live Marketplace and PS store, among other features.

  2. Here’s more YGO news: Konami has released an announcement about Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels Plus for Xbox 360 and PS3, thanks to Anime News Network.

  3. Thanks. I’m not really interested in the Yu-Gi-Oh! video games or card games though.

  4. I know; I thought you might want to know.

  5. Also, courtesy of, Nicktoons’ schedule for Jan. 28-Feb. 4 shows a full hour of NFL Rush Zone instead of Yu-Gi-Oh!

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