[YGO: TAS] CardGamesFTW Celebrates 2013 on YouTube / More Anime Con Appearances for LK

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Joey dreams of a victory during a duel in episode 128

Now this is the kind of news I like to see close out the year! Little Kuriboh’s main YouTube channel, CardGamesFTW, is back once again! Cheers to the YouTube staff (or whatever human or non-human process that handles counter-notifications) that didn’t take the day off and made this possible. Jeers to the automated copyright infringement claims that continue to make the existence of YGOTAS on YouTube difficult.

CardGamesFTW had been terminated on December 16.

Anime Convention Update

As we close out the year, a few more anime conventions have confirmed Little Kuriboh’s appearances for 2013.

First up is Setsucon, which will have LK as a guest on January 26 and 27 in State College, Pennsylvania. Voice actors Todd Haberkorn and Cherami Leigh and comedian Uncle Yo will all be there, too.

Between March 29 and 31, LK will be in Seattle, Washington for Sakura-Con, though he has confirmed that he has not been invited as a guest. (Mystery solved.) Still, you’ll be able to find him in the Exhibitor’s Hall, where you can “GUHROOGAMESH!!!1” at him very loudly and obnoxiously. (Someone’s bound to do it!)

Anime-zing! will be welcoming LK as a guest between May 3 and 5. Also at the Davenport, Iowa convention will be Johnny Yong Bosch and his band Eyeshine, Cristina Vee, Sonny Strait, Robert Axelrod, and more voice talents.

And although LK as not yet tweeted or posted about it himself, AniMinneapolis has revealed that it has invited LK to the Bloomington, Minnesota event between June 28 and 30. Joining him will be Spike Spencer, Todd Haberkorn, and Sonny Strait.

And finally, LK will be heading to Orlando, Florida for Mythicon on August 23 through 25. Both he and Marianne Miller have been invited as guests, along with Liam O’Brien, Cherami Leigh, and Linkara.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and holiday break. Have fun tonight, be safe, and have a Happy New Year!

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