Card Games For Charity #6: Orochon Special #2 Challenge Results

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Little Kuriboh minutes before taking on the Orochon Special #2 Challenge
See that? That’s the face of a warrior. Of someone who knows what’s in store for him, but who isn’t afraid to die. Stone Cold Martin Billany.

Ladies and gentlemen, Little Kuriboh has released the Card Games For Charity #6 video we’ve all been waiting for: the results of the Orochon Special Number 2 challenge! Which brave souls were able to conquer a gargantuan bowl of the world’s spiciest ramen in 30 minutes?

Little Kuriboh and the gang’s participation in the Orochon challenge was thanks to the $15K raised in CGFC 6. For every $2K raised, LK promised that one person would partake in the dangerous and painful challenge featured on the Travel Channel’s Man v. Food show.

On December 10, LK headed to the Orochon Ramen restaurant in Burbank, California with wife Marianne. They met up with voice actors Erin Fitzgerald, Neil Kaplan, Danielle McRae, Laura Post, Bobby Thong, and Cristina Vee, all of whom put their lives and digestive tracts on the line in the name of charity. Also on hand were voice actor Kaiji Tang, who filmed the gang’s brave undertaking, and other friends and fans.

Sounds like LK had a lot of fun!

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