[YGO: TAS] Episode 58 – Desperately Dueling Susan / Episode 2 – The Vagina Monologues

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Melvin reading a postcard from a girl he sent to the Shadow Realm in YGOTAS episode 58

Little Kuriboh has uploaded YGOTAS episode 58, titled “Desperately Dueling Susan,” on YouTube and Blip.tv. Yay! Episode 58 was previewed during LK’s charity live stream last Saturday, where the IRC chat clung on to mentions of card game hell and Mokusoft and baa’d at those annoying Scapegoats.

The final version of the episode is nearly identical to the previewed version, other than a few video edits and the addition of background music and effects. The only notable differences in the final version are the timing in Tristan’s CPR scene and the inclusion of the stinger and bloopers at the end.

Earlier this week, LK also uploaded YGOTAS Episode 2 – The Vagina Monologues, which he performed for the first time ever during the live stream. (Sadly, the YouTube upload was hit by an automated copyright claim, but I’m sure it’ll be back later.) The video was edited by RebornZombie and takes the audio straight from the live performance. The only thing that might have made the episode even better is if the video footage from his performance were overlaid in a corner. The laughs in the background came from voice actor Erin Fitzgerald’s, whose reactions during the monologue were priceless.

LK’s original Vagina Monologues recording took place on the Wha-Chow! podcast way back in 2010, but still remains one of his most memorable performances.

Both YGOTAS episode 58 and The Vagina Monologues version of episode 2 are available for downloading and streaming.

Update (December 16): Aaaaand there goes LK’s channel. If you’re still keeping track, this is now the ninth time the CardGamesFTW channel has been terminated thanks to those copyright infringement-sniffing “bots.” The last time it happened was on July 29, 2012. YouTube later restored his account on August 7. LK had already filed a counter-notification a few days ago for two videos that were wrongfully removed. Once that’s been processed, I’d imagine that his account will be restored once again.


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  1. You’d think by now that YouTube would realize that “Hey, this guy’s in fair use. We should tweak the bots to actually be able to tell what’s fair use and what’s not.” Common sense, YouTube. You should get some.

  2. Yeah, but it’s much easier said than done. There’s no real way for a computer program to determine accurately and consistently whether certain video content falls under fair use. It doesn’t help that the actual law that regulates fair use is very, very vague.

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