Card Games For Charity #6 Highlights: Live Auctions, YGOTAS Episode 58, Bald Kuriboh, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal L.A. Dub

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Little Kuriboh having his head shaved by Kyle Hebert
It’s hard to tell from this image, but LK is actually smiling.

A huge congratulations goes out to Little Kuriboh, whose Card Games For Charity #6 live stream event yesterday raised $15,642.58 for Hurricane Sandy relief! The total makes CGFC 6 the most successful charity event yet, surpassing the $11.8K total achieved by CGFC 4 in April 2011.

CGFC 6, which lasted over 13 straight hours and had 16 guests (12 in person visiting LK and Marianne’s home, four calling in over Skype), had over 1,000 viewers and 800 participants in the accompanying IRC chat at its peak. Many more participants came and went throughout the day.

In addition to organizing 12 eBay auctions for CGFC 6, LK and Marianne held 55 live auctions over the course of the live stream, with bidding being held in the IRC chat. The very first item auctioned off, a pack of Nyan Cat wrapping paper, also had the distinction of being the most expensive item, being sold for $1,000. The next highest winning bid was for the Battle City story arc Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist manga at $280. Overall, the live auctions ran quite smoothly given the hundreds of potential bidders in the chat, with only six re-auctions needing to take place due to non-paying bidders. All eBay auction winners paid within five hours of the auctions’ end, surely a welcome sight for LK.

The entire CGFC 6 live stream video has been saved and is available for streaming on LK’s account. For those of you who want to follow the action in the IRC chat as you watch the video, a log of the entire event is available for download thanks to the always generous Fox.

Below are some highlights for Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged fans.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Episode 58 Previewed, The Vagina Monologues Return

YGOTAS fans rejoiced when Little Kuriboh offered to show a preview of episode 58 if they reached $5,000 in donations. Thanks to the generosity of many, the milestone was reached less than three hours into the live stream. The new episode features the duel between Melvin and Susan Joey, the return of Espa Roba’s baby, and the rise and fall of Mokuba’s company, Mokusoft. LK would replay the episode two more times before the live stream concluded.

In addition to showing YGOTAS episode 58, LK also performed, for the first time ever, the Vagina Monologues version of episodes 2 and 3. (LK actually asked if anyone would have any moral objections to his readings. I’m pretty sure his fans would only be offended if he didn’t do the readings!) Episode 2 was made considerably more hilarious thanks to voice actor guest Erin Fitzgerald, who laughed uncontrollably while LK deadpanned his performance.

Little Kuriboh Shaves His Head

In what is perhaps the crowning moment of CGFC 6, Little Kuriboh had his head shaved live when the donation total reached $9,001. They hit the mark while Kyle Hebert (the voice of adult Gohan and the narrator in Dragon Ball Z) was visiting, just as LK had hoped for. Hebert offered to buzz off LK’s hair, though he later noted that he had never given anyone a haircut before. (Good thing they weren’t using a razor!)

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” LK wept as the clippers ran over his head. The IRC chat went crazy as each strand of hair dropped to the floor. It was the first time LK had ever shaved his head. The funny thing was that LK had just paid for a haircut before doing the live stream!

The Other Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal English Dub

Among the guests of the live stream was Kristi Reed, a veteran of the anime and video game industries for over 10 years and who directed and wrote Durarara!! and Persona 4: The Animation. Reed provided some insight into the much whispered-about Los Angeles dub of Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, clips of which have only been shown at Armageddon Expo 2012 in Melbourne and Auckland.

Prior to the conclusion of the Yu-Gi-Oh! lawsuit last year, the Japanese licensors of Yu-Gi-Oh! were confident of their chances at triumphing in court and taking back the rights to the franchise. Ignoring the court’s warnings not to exercise the rights to a product that it hadn’t yet secured, ADK proceeded to produce its own version of Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal. ADK tapped Reed to direct the series with an L.A.-based cast, including Johnny Yong Bosch (Yuma), Vic Mignogna (Shark), Richard Cansino (Bronk), Cassandra Morris, Sam Riegel, and Liam O’Brien. After nine months, the result was a full-fledged product that was ready for the airwaves.

“We cast it, we recorded up to 26 episodes of it, we stripped out the music, completely recomposed to picture with two amazing composers, re-sound designed it, reanimated some sequences, and it was one of the most big-budgeted things I’ve ever worked on as far as anime goes,” Reed explained. Oh, and Yuma actually says “Kattobing” in this version, haha.

Dissatisfied with 4Kids’ work and not wanting to do business with it any more, ADK bent over backwards to make sure the L.A. team did well and were happy working on Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal. Reed described how ADK sent the L.A. team hard drives full of all of the animation layers and After Effect files, giving the American producers full rein to easily edit the video as they needed. Did they want to fix the mouth flaps to better fit the English dialogue? No problem! Did they need to edit an image so the network censors didn’t get on their case? Simple!

Within the American anime production industry, obtaining such resources from the Japanese studios is completely unheard of. The studios are very protective of their properties (and who wouldn’t be?) and licensees regularly need to adapt within the confines of the animation as it is presented.

Of course, we know how the lawsuit ultimately turned out. The Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal anime by 4Kids and Konami with the New York-based cast remains the de facto version of the show, while the version with the L.A.-based cast gathers dust inside a box.

Coming Soon

The fun’s not done yet! As Little Kuriboh promised, for every $2,000 raised, one person in the live stream would have to take part in the Orochon Ramen “Special Number 2” challenge, a punishment to the human digestive system made famous by Man v. Food on the Travel Channel.

Tomorrow, LK, Marianne, Erin Fitzgerald, Kaiji Tang, and some other unfortunate folks will each attempt to down one large bowl of ramen seasoned with a top secret, painfully-hot spice mix. Their adventure will be filmed and uploaded so that the rest of the world can relish in their misery.

But it’s all good, because it’s all for charity!


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  1. I don’t suppose a sampling of the alternate dub exists anywhere on the web?

  2. This alternate dub shouldn’t been made! 4K Media (Konami) has the rights now! This better not air on TV.

  3. Sorry, i just releaized what this is… my bad.

  4. @Mr.Z
    Nope! ADK would be in quite a bit of trouble if it were to release the L.A. dub.
    Too late, it was made! :P

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