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Game footage from YAMI PLAYS FALLOUT 3 - PMX Promo
The Power of the Atem

Hey, it’s another Let’s Play anime con promo from Little Kuriboh! This time, Yami takes the controls for some post-apocalyptic fun in Fallout 3 (on YouTube, Blip.tv)! Nice to see that the coldest and most unfeeling wasteland can be brightened up by the appearance of a metal Kuriboh. And, whoa, does Yami sound super British in this video or what?

LK reminds his fans that he will be an industry guest at Pacific Media Expo 2012 in Los Angeles on Veteran’s Day weekend, November 9 through 11.

Another Convention Update: Sakura-Con

Speaking of anime cons, LK has revealed that he will be attending Sakura-Con 2013! Has he been invited as a guest, or is he attending on his own? So far, Sakura-Con has only announced Vic Migderpaderp Mignogna as a guest. Did LK accidentally let slip the con’s plans to invite him?

Regardless, it’s a welcome announcement for fans in Seattle, Washington. GUHROOGAMESH!!!1

Let’s Play Left 4 Dead 2

And speaking of Let’s Plays, check out Little Kuriboh and blackrose1m playing Left 4 Dead 2 together in “Married With Zombies – Dead Center”: part 1, 2, 3, 4

What game should LK play next? And what character should he play it as?


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