[YGO: TAS] Which Side Video Should Little Kuriboh Release at Youmacon 2012?

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Joey choosing a door in episode 122

Here’s your chance to influence which side video project Little Kuriboh might offer his fans in the near future! On Facebook, LK asks:

Which of these side videos would you want to see released at Youmacon this year?
1: Cr@psule Monsters 3
2: Evil Council 6
3: Season Zero 3
4: Evangelion Abridged 2
5: Naruto The Spoof Sequel Movie

Hmm, this is a tough choice! Evil Council 5 ended with a dramatic cliffhanger, so I’d love to see how that plays out. But seeing another Cr@psule Monsters episode would be one heck of a treat, especially since the last video was released four years ago! Then again, the most recent Naruto Spoof episode really reminded me how crazy awesome and fun that series is. And as a Yu-Gi-Oh! fanatic, how could I not want to see more Season Zero? And…

Wha? Evangelion Abridged 2 is really an option? You mean it wasn’t just a one shot?! Fans always seem to ask him if he’s making more, LK tweeted, and he did have fun making the first one, so he’s tempted to make another. At one point in my life, I was completely obsessed with Evangelion, and now that LK has opened the door to making more episodes, that part of me is itching for more.

Ack, life is filled with such hard decisions. Vote, vote, vote!

Youmacon 2012 will take place between November 1 and 4 in Detroit, Michigan. This year, Little Kuriboh was invited as a guest for the fourth year in a row.

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