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Subtitle jokes are hilarious, says Naruto in episode 8 of LK's Naruto Spoof Series Show
There’s a lot of this.

OMG, it’s really here! Episode 8 of Little Kuriboh’s Naruto Spoof Series Show is really here! I don’t even remember what’s going on in this series any more, but I’m just so psyched to see a new episode. Otakon attendees who were fortunate enough to get into LK’s panel this past Saturday got the first look at this video, being treated to a censored version of the episode.

If you can believe it, the previous Naruto Spoof episode was released over a year ago, in June 2011. And, during a live stream back in September 2011, Little Kuriboh said that he had actually finished writing this new eighth episode and that he hoped to debut it at Youmacon 2011 in November. Has he really been sitting on the script for the past ten months?! That’s crazy

Update: NTACFSSS episode 8 is now also on Blip.tv. You know what that means: AVI, M4V, and MP4 files are available for download as well!


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  1. Blip.tv is no longer allowing downloads. Every link I tried on the downloads page now goes to a small file called Potatono-OOPViews677 which says to watch through blip.tv’s player instead. Except the links to Revver, which no longer exists. Between that and the torrents out there being few and ancient, I can’t find anywhere to download the series right now, except by ripping degraded flash copies.

    As for the episode itself, I’m glad the series is still going. LK is braver and wackier with Naruto than he is with the main Yu-Gi-Oh series.

  2. Really? That’s odd. Trying downloading them from iTunes (or another podcatcher) instead. Yes, I know iTunes still pulls the videos from Blip, but I haven’t heard of anyone experiencing any problems using it. If all else fails, you can still stream them flawlessly from Blip.
    YGOTAS on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/yu-gi-oh-the-abridged-series/id345888341
    I haven’t used Revver for a few years now. That service was always terribly flakey — up and running one minute, dead the next. The official torrents were removed around Christmas 2011. (I think I wrote more about this somewhere.)
    I agree with you about LK and Naruto. He does a great job with it. It’s brilliantly weird and funny. :)

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