[YGO: TAS] Episode 56 – It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Virtual World

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Pharaoh Fighter arcade game in YGOTAS episode 56
“Tea attack!”

On a day that has otherwise been marred by the Aurora, Colorado movie theater tragedy, it’s refreshing to see something new from Little Kuriboh to help us take our minds off the traumatic event: YGOTAS episode 56, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Virtual World,” is now out (on YouTube, Blip.tv).

Lucky attendees at Anime Midwest earlier this month were treated to a preview of this episode, which happened to take place on Mokuba’s actual birthday, LK noted.

My YGOTAS streams and downloads pages have been updated with links to this latest episode. If you do download the episode from Blip.tv, you’ll notice “Do Robot Monkeys Dream Of Electric Sheep?” in the file name. That’s actually the title that LK first wanted to give this episode.

As he did with episode 55, LK found this latest episode very challenging to make, again having problems with the length and pacing.

“Yeah… I’m… not happy with this episode,” LK unabashedly tweeted.

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Renewed Series logo in YGOTAS episode 56

Episode 56 marks the end of the Virtual World storyline and “Yu-Gi-Oh! The Cancelled Series,” leaving Little Kuriboh quite relieved.

“[I]t’s been a long time coming, I’ve wanted to get out of the Virtual World storyline for ages. So done with it at this point. Honestly, the thing that made it less fun was my poor approach to it. I really didn’t think things through enough,” LK said in a series of tweets.

“I had plans for the arc that didn’t end up happening because I had second thoughts, and because people weren’t enjoying certain things,” he continued. “And stuff that I didn’t plan but ended up doing to see if it’d work, more often than not just felt like I was fumbling in the dark.”

Who was complaining and what things were they not enjoying, I wonder, and why is he so critical about what they think?

LK also commented on how some of his ideas were left on the cutting room floor.

“There was going to be a big running thread with Tristan and Serenity, then at the end Serenity was going to declare her love for Tristan… Only for her memory to get totally wiped when she left the Virtual World due to a glitch, and she goes back to hating his guts,” he explained.

“I realised ‘What the f*** am I even trying to do here? Is this funny? How is this comedy?’ and scrapped it halfway through. You can see the beginnings of it in the ‘Death of Tristan Taylor’ episode, but that’s where it ends. That sort of stuff is why this mini-season kinda felt meh.”

Despite being frustrated by Noah’s story arc, LK noted that he’s feeling more confident about his plans for the upcoming Battle City Finals. He also hopes to continue adding bloopers to the end of his episodes, and perhaps even animating them. Sounds great! I’m sure lots of fans would love to see more and are excited about the future of YGOTAS.

LK’s Anime Convention Updates

Since my last update, a massive convention has announced Little Kuriboh as a guest: Armageddon Expo Melbourne (October 13 and 14) in Australia and Armageddon Expo Auckland (October 19 to 22) in New Zealand! LK said that the Expo will probably be the largest con he’s ever guested at.

Closer to home, LK has also been invited as a guest to AnimeWorld Chicago between August 3 and 5.

Wow, his schedule is so packed! There couldn’t be any further announcements of other 2012 cons, right? …Right?

LK says he’s has already confirmed five conventions for 2013, though he wants to cut back on his number of appearances during the next year.

Other Good Stuff

As for what’s coming up next, LK is at long last making more of the Naruto Spoof Series Show! Let’s hope he doesn’t completely destroy his voice!

At Otakon at the end of this month, LK hopes to show the new Naruto Spoof episode, or at the very least, a preview.

While waiting for the Narutroll goodness, give a listen to Kaiba and Yugi reenacting a famous scene from American Psycho!

Update (July 21): Little Kuriboh has uploaded a short promo for Otakon: “SPOOFERMAN RETURNS – Otakon 2012“!

“NARUTO SPOOF 8 DEBUTS AT OTAKON,” it proclaims. Looks like the full episode will be ready after all!

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