[YGO: TAS] PHARAOH CIRCUS (ultimate remix)

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Kaiba watching Marty's Afro Circus in disgust

Why does “Afro Circus” seem to go with everything?! Recently, Little Kuriboh spotted the wretched thing on Tumblr mixed with “PHARAOH’S THRONE~!” so of course he had to use it in a video. Now, we have a not-so-glorious new convention promo.

Here, I’ll spare you from having to watch it. LK’s upcoming con appearances are as follows:

  • Anime Expo, Los Angeles, California, June 29-July 2
  • Anime Midwest, Lisle, Illinois, July 6-8
  • Animecon, Kuopio, Finland, July 14-15
  • Otakon, Baltimore, Maryland, July 27-29
  • San Japan, San Antonio, Texas, August 10-12
  • Cos & Effect, Vancouver, British Columbia, August 24-26
  • Meta Con, Minneapolis, Minnesota, August 31-September 2
  • Alcon, Leicester, England, September 6-9
  • Youmacon, Detroit, Michigan, November 1-4

My YGOTAS downloads page has not been updated with links for this video because nobody in his right mind would actually want it. Except Frieza.

I’m just kidding. I do like the Madagascar franchise, sort of. And LK has already apologized, so don’t hate him too much. He also didn’t upload the video to Blip.tv, so there are really no official downloads.

What does Little Kuriboh have in store for us next? He plans to release episode 56 of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged in early July (with a “substantial amount” of the video ready for Anime Midwest), followed by “a few” Naruto Spoof episodes, and then some more YGOTAS.

Update (June 26): Oh look, Little Kuriboh’s main YouTube account, CardGamesFTW, has just been banned. So he uploaded an “Afro Circus” video to YouTube, then less than two days later, his account gets terminated. Coincidence? I think not!

But in all seriousness, yes, it’s just a coincidence. For those keeping track, CardGamesFTW has now been banned seven times. It last happened on March 3, 2012.

Update (June 29): CardGamesFTW returned earlier this evening. Why was there such a quick turnaround this time compared to the previous account terminations? LK predicted this would happen, noting that some counter-notifications he previously filed for wrongfully removed videos had already been processing for 10 days prior to the account termination. When those went through successfully, the strikes against his channel were removed, allowing CardGamesFTW to be reinstated. Nice.

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