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Illusion Magician, Diabound, Thief King Bakura, and Atem in PHARAOH'S THRONE~!

It’s been nearly six months in the making, but yesterday afternoon, Little Kuriboh finally released his third Lady Gaga song parody: “PHARAOH’S THRONE~!” (on YouTube, Blip.tv). Not only is this take-off of “Telephone” well crafted by LK and impressively edited by ShadyVox, it also sports an outstanding music video. It’s such a treat to see LK using so much great footage from season 5 in one video!

An MP3 of the song and its full lyrics are in the description box on YouTube. An MP3 of the “clean” version is also available. My YGOTAS streams and downloads pages have been updated with links to the video as well.

For all of the sound designers and mixers out there, ShadyVox has released a video showcasing some of the cool effects he used when mastering the audio for LK using Acoustica Mixcraft.

“PHARAOH’S THRONE~!” is a product of Little Kuriboh’s December 2011 charity event for voice actor Dan Green and his newborn twins. LK set up an auction where the winner could request that he create a YGOTAS-flavored parody of any song. The winning bid was $1,925.

If he’s still sticking to his plan, LK’s next video project will be YGOTAS episode 56, the final episode of the virtual world story arc.

Little Kuriboh’s Convention Updates

Add three more stops to Little Kuriboh’s ever-growing convention itinerary! LK has been invited as a guest to the following:

  • Cos & Effect, a “costume, cosplay, and alternative fashion convention” in Vancouver, British Columbia to be held on August 24 to 26. LK also applied to host a “How not to be internet famous” panel at the event where he’ll look back at some of his worst ideas.
  • Meta Con, an anime and sci-fi con in Minneapolis, Minnesota to be held this Labor Day weekend, August 31 to September 2.
  • Kitsune Kon, an anime con in Appleton, Wisconsin to be held on March 22 to 24, 2013.

LK’s next stop is Anime Expo at the end of this month.

Kirbopher Fans Unite

Listeners of the Wha-Chow! podcast will remember Psyguy playing a very memorable opening song performed by Little Kuriboh during last week’s episode. If you missed it, check it out on Tumblr: “The Best of Both Kirbs“!

Fans of Kirbopher’s TOME might also be interested to know that Little Kuriboh has set up an official Twitter account for “NNNYLOCKE! Dragon of internet addiction!”

“SQUIRE! I appear to have happened upon a strange and hereto undiscovered section of TOME known as… ;Twitter!” exclaims Nylocke in his very first tweet. “YEGADS!”


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  2. I want this song on a cd for christmas please.

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