[YGO: TAS] Hey, I Just Met You…

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Screenshot from Little Kuriboh's promo for Anime Expo and Otakon 2012
“This song doesn’t deserve a spot in my deck, but it might make a good coaster for my drink!”

Oh, LK. I love it when his Twitter one-liners end up being molded into something bigger. Check out “Hey, I Just Met You…” (on Youtube, Blip.tv), his latest convention promo video!

Little Kuriboh’s next anime con stop will be Anime Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 29 through July 2. He’ll also be found at Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland from July 27 to July 29.

Although LK isn’t an official invited guest at either of these conventions, he’ll be in the Dealer’s Hall at both selling loads of fresh YGOTAS merchandise. And for Otakon, LK has confirmed that he will be holding an Abridged Panel and is “guarantee[ing]” the premiere of a new Naruto Spoof episode! Oh? Can it be? Keep your fingers crossed for it!

Want to hear more of LK’s “Call Me Maybe” parody? He’s interested in doing a full version, he says, but I’m sure we’ll need to be patient. LK currently has a lot on his plate!

Other Convention News

Think Little Kuriboh’s schedule is already filled to the brim? He’s just getting started! LK has already landed two convention guest appearances for next year!

The first is SwampCon, a free anime, gaming, and sci-fi event hosted by the University of Florida in Gainesville on January 12 and 13, 2013.

Then, between February 15 and 17, LK will return to Alabama for Kami-Con Season 5! Dartz is, without a doubt, very pleased.

LK has also teased his Australian fans about returning down under for a con later this year. Which one could it be?

And what about LK’s status on next week’s E3? Looks like he will make it after all… for one day anyway! (Which one?) Look out for possible frenetic live-tweeting about the press conferences, just like last year!

As for other new videos making their debuts at upcoming conventions, LK might throw together a short video featuring the Joe-kage and that annoying sensei guy for next weekend’s AnimeNEXT… or not. Heh.

He also hopes to complete Evil Council 6 for Youmacon in November. Lord only knows whether or not the legions of thiefshippers out there will be able to endure the wait!

Fanime 2012 Yu-Gi-Oh! Cosplay Skit

If you have another few minutes to spare, check out “It’s Your Move,” a killer Yu-Gi-Oh! cosplay skit from last weekend’s FanimeCon! Created by Bonds of Friendship Productions, the performance not only received a huge ovation from the audience, it also took home Fanime’s Best Comedic Skit award. Both Little Kuriboh and ShadyVox lent their voices to the audio recording. The full cast and credits can be found in the description on YouTube, along with an MP3 of the song.

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