[YGO: TAS] Evil Council 5

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Jaden Yuki and his own evil force in Little Kuriboh's Evil Council 5 video
Get ready for the biggest plot twist since Jaden Yuki turned out to be evil!

Two new videos in one week? Aww yeah. Today, Little Kuriboh completed Evil Council 5 (on Youtube, Blip.tv)! This episode is packed with goodies: new members in Dartz’s Evil Council, Dan Green’s obsession with nudity, Steve Lumis and Steve Umbra’s witticisms, a non-villainous janitor that sounds like Bakura… LK also points out that he left several of Takahata101’s flubbed Dartz lines in this video. I’m just hoping for a longer version of “Sweet Home ABULHAYEMEH”! (Yes, that is apparently how it’s spelled, though the “H” is silent.)

Check my YGOTAS streams and downloads pages for all of the updated links.

So how long have the ideas for this video been brewing? Back in July 2011 at SMASH! in Australia, Little Kuriboh revealed that he planned to have Bakura leave Marik’s Evil Council for Dartz’s. Fangirls in the audience gasped and cried out in horror. This isn’t really the end… is it?

Next up for LK is the Lady Gaga song parody, followed by YGOTAS episode 56 and Naruto Spoof episode 8. I can’t wait!

Update (May 24): LK has uploaded a longer version of Takahata101 singing “Sweet Home Abalama.” Yay! It’s not the whole song, but hey, I’m not complaining!

And what would an update be without yet another new convention announcement? LK has just confirmed that he has been invited as a guest to Pacific Media Expo, which will take place in his hometown of Los Angeles between November 9 and 11 later this year!

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