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Screenshot from Little Kuriboh's promo for Fanime 2012

Bashful or easily offended British and Australian YGOTAS fans might want to tune this one out, haha. Earlier this evening, Little Kuriboh uploaded a new anime convention promo, this time for FanimeCon 2012 (on YouTube, Blip.tv)! Although he won’t be attending as a guest, LK will be running a booth in the Dealer’s Hall at the San Jose convention, which begins next Friday, May 25 and wraps up on Monday, May 28.

With this latest promo being what it is, Little Kuriboh couldn’t help but recall a certain other catchy convention promo that he posted back in 2009.

“I remember when I parodied that infamous Sakura Con promo and it got taken down because people quoted it too much on Sakura Con’s forum,” LK said yesterday. This Fanime promo doesn’t feel like it has the same potential for unleashing chaos as LK’s Sakura-Con promo, but in any case, let’s hope the video doesn’t meet the same unfortunate fate.

And is it just me, or is Yami’s British English accent becoming thicker and thicker with each new YGOTAS video? Maybe it’s just the Britishness of this video. Fanny.

Other Convention Announcements

Since the last update, more anime cons have stepped forward to announce Little Kuriboh as a guest at their upcoming events! The first was San Japan in San Antonio, Texas, which revealed both LK and Egoraptor as special guests at the August convention. Then, Anime Midwest in Lisle, Illinois announced that LK would be at its event in July. What other stops will LK be making this year? Keep ’em coming!

LK also provided some mixed messages about his attending E3 in June. Here’s hoping for the best!

Videos, Videos, Videos

Little Kuriboh’s next project is Evil Council 5, which he notes will be up in the coming week. After that, he’ll at last get back to working on his parody of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” for the Dan Green charity event. There’s no mention of whether or not a new episode of his Naruto Spoof Series is on the radar.

So, LK has shuffled his plans a tad bit (as he is wont to do). No big deal. I’m excited to see everything that he has in store for us!


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  1. ok i’ve already seen those kaiba coins, do you have any idea what are they good for?

  2. They can be used in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG for coin flips or as tokens or counters. Or they can just be something fun to collect.

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