[YGO: TAS] Episode 55 – Stepbrother’s Sin

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Yami summons Kuriboh in YGOTAS episode 55
“I have the weirdest boner right now.”

Good morning. And what a good morning it is, because just a few hours ago, Little Kuriboh uploaded the much-anticipated Episode 55 of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged (on YouTube, Blip.tv)! Kaiba at last comes face to face with Noah for a duel, and his precious body is on the line! What dirty tricks does Noah have in store for him? Yugi and the gang are there to check out the action, too. Hey, how’d they get there? Don’t wait to find out! I’ve updated my YGOTAS streams and downloads pages with links to all of the new videos!

This new episode was an extremely challenging one for Little Kuriboh, who originally hoped to finish it back in March. LK agonized over the pacing of the episode, wanting to balance the duels involving Noah, Kaiba, and Yugi with the meat of the actual storyline, all while keeping the length of the episode in check.

“Part of me thinks I should just muscle through this episode and not care if I’m not entirely happy with it,” LK said while editing in early March. “The other part is telling me to take my time and make sure I like it. But that’ll take a lot longer.” He also noted that he had already rewritten the entire episode twice.

Issues with the pacing and length also led him to remove a subplot involving Robot Monkey Tristan… and replace it with a masturbation joke. Har.

Add these struggles to the fact that he was moving to a new home on April 3 and was left without an Internet connection and you have one drawn-out hair-pulling experience.

Ultimately, LK says that this was one of the most frustrating episodes for him to make. So what do you think? Did he pull off another win with this episode? Let him know!

LK released a short blooper from episode 55 back in early March.

Anime Convention Update: Fanime

This past Tuesday, Little Kuriboh announced another stop on his growing list of convention appearances: FanimeCon in San Jose, California! Though he won’t be attending as an invited guest, he’ll be working the Dealer’s Hall with Marianne, selling all of the hot YGOTAS merchandise you’ve been yearning for, like those crazy Kaiba Condoms and Kaiba Coins.

Fanime 2012 kicks off in three weeks — May 25 — and runs through May 28.

LK says that he’s been invited to an “insane amount of cons this year,” so it’s safe to say that we’ll be hearing a lot more from him about his upcoming travels very soon!


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  1. finally

  2. I was definitely happy to see the new episode out and do like it. Hopefully, the next one gives him less trouble.

    Also, I giggled at Joey “spanking” Robot Monkey Tristan anyway haha.

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