Podcast Fun: Little Kuriboh on “Anime Fans Give Back To Japan” & “The Bancast”

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Screenshot from the Anime Fans Give Back To Japan 2012 live podcast

On Saturday, March 10, Little Kuriboh, KaiserNeko, and MasakoX paid a visit to the “Anime Fans Give Back To Japan” charity podcast organized by the guys behind the Unofficial One Piece Podcast. The 24-hour live event, which raised money for GlobalGiving’s Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund, included guests like Crispin Freeman, Maile Flanagan, and Spike Spencer. This year, the podcast raised over $10,000!

During their segment, the three abridgers discussed their thoughts about the world of abridging and the challenges that they’ve faced. LK also brought listeners up-to-date on his video plans, which include YGOTAS Episode 55, followed by Marik’s Evil Council 5, the song parody for the Dan Green charity event (“Telephone” by Lady Gaga), and the Naruto Spoof Series.

The official video recording of the event isn’t up on the podcast’s website yet, but thanks to the always generous Fox, you get an audio recording of LK, KaiserNeko, and MasakoX’s segment:

You might remember that LK and KaiserNeko were also invited as guests last year during the podcast’s first run shortly after the earthquake and tsunami disaster.

Little Kuriboh on “The Bancast”

Yesterday, Little Kuriboh joined up with Fred (That’s My Trunks) and Levi for the 28th episode of The Bancast podcast.

The duo interviewed LK about the games he’s been playing and the shows that he’s been into recently. LK also spoke in detail about what happened to his YouTube channel (and how 4Kids emphasized to him that it isn’t responsible for the takedowns) and provided his thoughts on what the Yu-Gi-Oh! lawsuit was all about. I was pleasantly surprised when LK cited this tiny website as a source for learning about the lawsuit, haha.

Then, as a special treat, the Bancast hosts and LK read the beginning of “My Little Marik- Villany Is Magic,” a colorful My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic by Otaku1995exe.

Interviews and Q&As with Little Kuriboh

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