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Game footage from MARIK PLAYS PORTAL 2 - MomoCon 2012
“Why is a Millennium Item telling me how to play the game?”

Ready for something different? Little Kuriboh has released a new promo video (on YouTube, Blip.tv) for his next anime con guest appearance at Momocon 2012! Yes, I did say “something different”! It’s Marik playing Portal 2! The tan one finds himself in what might be the Shadow Realm and, with the help of a talking British eye thing, tries to find a way out! A new song is included. Yesterday, LK also uploaded an outtake from the promo. Uh huh, an “outtake.” Right. ;)

MomoCon runs from March 16 to 18 in Atlanta, Georgia. Other featured guests at the con include Wendee Lee (the voice of Faye Valentine and Haruhi Suzumiya) and Ellen McLain (GLaDOS from the Portal series). Also, LK will be in the dealer’s room selling Kaiba Condoms. Wait, what…?

More Anime Convention Goodness: LK to Return to Alcon

Awesome news for Little Kuriboh’s UK fans: LK will officially be returning to Alcon later this year! LK has attended every Alcon event since 2009 and actually thought that last year’s would be his final appearance because he was moving to America.

But thanks to the generosity of many fans, who donated a total of £730 (nearly $1200), not only will LK be heading back to England and meeting up with his friends at the con, but he will also be able to see his family for the first time since he left for the U.S. late last year. On Tumblr, LK retells a wild and touching story of how one selfless act led to the fundraiser that made all this possible.

Alcon will be held at De Montfort University in Leicester, England from September 6 to 9. This year’s con will again be open to anyone 16 years old and over.

LK has also confirmed that he will be attending E3 and Otakon (though not as a guest) this summer.

Did You Miss It?

Since my last update, Little Kuriboh has worked on some projects that may have slipped under your radar. The first was a funny little short uploaded for Valentine’s Day, with the audio recorded by LK and the video by RebornZombie. LK also appeared in the Nostalgia Critic’s 200th episode: a review of Ponyo. Voice actor Spike Spencer and comedian Uncle Yo make cameo appearances, too.

Sadly, LK wasn’t able to have a new video ready in time for last week’s Anime Milwaukee because of Valentine’s Day, but fear not! Next up is Marik’s Evil Council 5, followed by YGOTAS episode 55, then the song parody for the Dan Green charity event, which will be “Telephone” by Lady Gaga. LK hopes to have the episode done by next month.

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