[YGO: TAS] Season Zero Abridged #2

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Satan and Yugi in Little Kuriboh's Yu-Gi-Oh! Season Zero Abridged episode 2
Duel Monsters. Endorsed by Satan. Mastered by Yami’s satanic powers.

He’s not done yet! This morning, Little Kuriboh revealed the second of the videos he showed at Kami-Con this past weekend: his super secret Yu-Gi-Oh! Season Zero Abridged #2 (on YouTube, Blip.tv)! It wasn’t that much of a secret though, if LK’s tweets and Tumblr posts are ever to be believed! …Wait a minute, this is YGOTAS? It seems more like The Twilight Zone.

This episode is also available for download in AVI, M4V and MP4 formats.

Alas, episode 8 of LK’s Naruto Spoof Series didn’t make it to Kami-Con. Oh well, maybe another time!

Little Kuriboh’s Other Projects

Late last month, Little Kuriboh talked about writing his very own thiefshipping doujinshi, then fired the script off to taemanaku and angellust155. LK says that he tried to keep the story “as canon as possible,” but that doesn’t mean you should write it off if you’re only an Abridged fan. If it’s as stylistic and as well told as his other Marik and Bakura fanfics, there will be a lot to look forward to!

LK is also considering crowdsourcing the dialogue for his next installment of Marik playing Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. Keep your eyes on Twitter to see when he’ll hold a live stream for that.

And finally, LK says that his next YGOTAS video will be Marik’s Evil Council 5, which he hopes to have completed for Anime Milwaukee, being held this year between February 17 and 19. After that, it’s back to YGOTAS episodes again with number 55!


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  1. this is very nice

  2. hey thanks for this great site its very informative about everything yugioh! ^^ although i have been trying to find the new 3d yugioh movie in canada and can’t find it anywhere? does it exist in dvd/bluray format yet?

  3. Hmm, you’re right, I never did a write-up about the Bonds Beyond Time home video release. If you want the English-dubbed version, you’ll need to import it from the UK. There hasn’t yet been a North American release.

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