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The Nostalgia Critic and Yami Yugi artwork by Kirbopher
Did Yami seriously just say “Vic Mignogna”?!

Yami, how did I know you were going to have trouble with names again? Poor Doug. On the plus side, he correctly names Vic and Kyle this time… neither of whom will be at Kami-Con this year.

Anyway, check out Little Kuriboh’s latest promo for Kami-Con Season 4 (on YouTube, Blip.tv), uploaded early yesterday morning! (LK helpfully tweeted a warning right before it was released. You know, to placate his critics, lest they lash out against him for making these evil videos. Haha, seriously?) Like his other recently released promos, this video is also available for direct download.

Kami-Con kicks off in less than two weeks, taking place from February 3 to 5 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The convention organizers just extended the pre-registration cut-off date to January 23, so if you’re teetering on going, you still have time to make a move and save some money!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged episode 54, titled “They Saved Tristan’s Brain,” will premiere at the con and will be released to the rest of the world on February 6, says LK. And what about the other mysterious YGOTAS video that he’s working on? There’s still no word yet on what it might be! All the more reason to attend Kami-Con!

Is it just me or is Yami looking a bit jaundiced compared to last year?

Kaiba Promotes Kami-Con Season 4 / Anime Milwaukee 2012 Promo

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