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Yugi decides to save Joey rather than himself during their deadly duel in episode 78

By now, you’ve probably heard about the tragedy that befell Jay Snyder (a.k.a. Dan Green, the voice of Yugi) and his family and friends. On November 25, Michal Friedman, the singer better known as Michal the Girl and the wife of Snyder, passed away after giving birth to a healthy girl, Reverie, and boy, Jackson, via Caesarean section. The couple had been trying to conceive for seven years.

Since then, the heartbreaking story has received an abundance of coverage, from a local Manhattan news outlet, to the New York Daily News and the Daily Mail in the UK, and even from papers in Hungary and Turkey. Many more write-ups offer heartfelt condolences to the Snyders, while others bemoan the risks of C-sections.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom, Little Kuriboh was among the first to encourage fans to lend a hand to the voice actor who’s entertained so many of us for so many years. Now, LK has gotten the go-ahead from Jay’s closest friends and family to set up another eBay charity event to help raise money for Jay, Reverie, and Jackson. Card Games For Charity #5 is live.

The hottest item up for grabs in this event is undoubtedly the song parody by Little Kuriboh. The winner of the auction will be able to choose a song for LK to parody “in the style of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged.” The current bid has already exceeded $1,000!

The other items are as follows:

The winners of each auction will also receive a Yu-Gi-Oh! card signed by Little Kuriboh. All of the auctions end in about one week.

Despite retaining the “Card Games For Charity” label like previous charity auctions, this event is highlighted not by cards, but by items that are noticeably more personal, like handcrafted creations and donated items. It’s a fitting shift.

I’m glad to see Little Kuriboh put together another charity auction, even though the previous Card Games For Charity event was marred by some negative incidents that left LK wanting to avoid eBay for good. Check out LK’s video highlighting this event on YouTube or

Since Michal Friedman’s story was first reported, kind individuals — even complete strangers — have opened their hearts and offered to help the Snyders. Won’t you help, too? Bid on one of the great items listed above, or, if none of that catches your fancy, visit The Dan Green Guestbook at to make a direct donation via PayPal.

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  1. Is legit??

  2. It sure is! The site is run by Dan Green’s friend and fellow voice actor Mike Pollock.

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