Little Kuriboh’s Neon Genesis Evangelion One-Shot

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Little Kuriboh and Spaghetti in the Neon Genesis Evangelion One-Shot parody

Battle stations, level one! Little Kuriboh’s Neon Genesis Evangelion One-Shot has appeared! Filmed in Pretentio-Vision and packed with an equally pretentious soundtrack, the Eva video is the second of two projects stemming from his Card Games for Charity #4 event earlier this year. This special parody of LK’s favorite anime has given him an opportunity to perform many voices that he used to do back in school that he otherwise hasn’t had a chance to use, he says.

Originally, LK considered editing the Eva one-shot in a live stream. During his most recent live stream on December 12 however, he said that doing so would probably be too distracting. He did note that he might edit one of the final sections of the one-shot during another live stream, but this ended up not taking place. Too bad! I’m sure many fans would one day like to see the master at work. Other ideas that didn’t pan out: “Walt Disney‘s Neon Genesis Evangelion” (it could have worked, you never know!), Pen-Pen as a celebrity-voiced animal companion (the twist: this time, Morgan Freeman is the penguin!), and making fun of Christianity.

I’ve got to say, it feels pretty good to wrap up this year with some really long-awaited videos from LK. Last month, it was the Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time Abridged parody (initially announced back in December 2009, haha). Today, it’s Evangelion. LK must feel superbly satisfied after finishing these projects. Congratulations, Little Kuriboh. Congratulations.

Update (December 19): The Eva one-shot is now on! Links to the AVI, M4V, and MP4 files hosted on its servers have been added to my YGOTAS downloads page (listed as “NGE One-Shot – Card Games For Charity”) for anyone who’s interested.

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