[YGO: TAS] Catching Up & Looking Ahead: Videos, Music, Anime Vegas, Tumblr… In America

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Yugi, moments after the Millennium Necklace shows him the future in episode 128

So what else has Little Kuriboh been up to? It’s hard to believe that, prior to writing the previous post about the Yu-Gi-Oh! BBT Abridged Movie, I hadn’t talked about Little Kuriboh’s videos and projects since mid-September. Let’s play catch-up and see what he’s been busy with since that update, as well as what he has in store for us in the near future.

Catching Up: Cameos, MP3s, and More

Little Kuriboh made a cameo appearance in The Spoony One’s review of DOA: Dead or Alive as a certain exceedingly patriotic American in late September. (Sound familiar? LK first appeared in an episode of the Spoony Experiment in February 2010 as the same character. I guess Spoony just loves Bandit Keith!) Make sure you watch all the way to the end of the review to hear LK perform a brief musical number!

Then, on the September 28 episode of Wha-Chow!, Little Kuriboh and ShadyVox unleashed a very special remix of the fan-favorite “Leather Pants.” It’s “Shady Could’ve Done It Better” and by now, the meme has probably thrust ShadyVox into the upper tiers of this fandom! The song and its lyrics are also on YouTube and yes, there is an MP3! Later in the same episode, LK also revealed that he just had his visa approved and would be hopping on a plane and moving across the pond. Wha? More on that below.

And in a stroke of good luck, ShadyVox recently found and posted the original files from LK’s “Training Ninjas” recording. Talk about finding a buried treasure! Remix No Jutsu time? The popular piece is from episode 4 of the Naruto Spoof and has been requested and performed live by LK at numerous conventions.

Looking Ahead…

So what’s coming up soon from Little Kuriboh? Next up is the Evangelion one-shot from the Card Games For Charity event earlier this year. (That’s right! He hasn’t forgotten about it!) As a former Evangelion freak, I am both excited and terrified of what may come of this.

LK will also appear in Kirbopher’s newest animated series: TOME (The Terrain of Magical Expertise). The video game-themed webseries is a revamp of Kirbopher’s TvTome Adventures, which was his first major project on Newgrounds. Kirb made the announcement on the November 2 episode of Wha-Chow! and on Newgrounds. The first episode premiered at Youmacon and will be make its way to Newgrounds on November 11.

With Youmacon 2011 just wrapping up yesterday, it’s hard to believe that LK’s next guest appearance at an anime convention is right around the corner. Anime Vegas kicks off this weekend, running from November 11 to 13! Since I last wrote about this con, the organizers have hammered out the dates and times for the weekend event, with LK scheduled to hold panels on Saturday, September 12 at 1:00 pm and 9:00 pm and signing autographs at 5:00 pm.

…In America

Seeing LK turn out new projects is always fun, but what’s going on in the life of the man himself?

The biggest and perhaps the most significant change for Little Kuriboh is that he has left England and now lives in the United States near Los Angeles! LK is already enjoying the finest of what America has to offer, partying it up, and — oh yeah — he’s now married! His next mission will be to score the coveted U.S. green card so that he doesn’t get deported! ;)

Farewell LiveJournal, Hello Tumblr

With his move to America, Little Kuriboh also let another piece of his past go: his LiveJournal account. The realm that began as “LittleKuriboh’s Hidey-Hole” was home to so many personal memories and events that LK graciously and unselfishly shared with the world. Although the blog also happened to chronicle the development and growth of YGOTAS, I don’t think LK ever intended for it to turn out that way, and in some ways, it’s a shame that it did. Before YGOTAS surged in popularity, the LJ was a peek into the very personal and human aspects of LK’s life that we would never have known, let alone appreciated, if we only followed his video projects. It’s saddening to see it go, though it’s a completely understandable move for someone who’s starting a new chapter in his life.

It’s not all goodbyes though, as Little Kuriboh has moved to Tumblr, with his first post appearing on September 25. (I don’t think his “gotcha” tweet fooled anyone, lol.) In a formal introduction posted on September 29, LK describes his reasons for joining the website and what he hopes to get out of it.

With an environment that’s more akin to Twitter than LiveJournal, Tumblr is certainly going to be a different experience for LK and the longtime followers of his LiveJournal. Hopefully, he’ll once again invite fans into his world with perspective pieces and friendly write-ups as he did on LJ so many moons ago. Like LJ, Tumblr also has its own lively Yu-Gi-Oh! community, though LK points out in his introductory post that he’s not there to mix up their world. His Tumblr is for Martin, not for YGOTAS. Sounds like it could be a throwback to his early days on LJ. Sounds good to me.

Update (November 14): Looks like I was off when I thought Little Kuriboh totally dumped his LiveJournal. He apparently deleted it because he thought he had to pay to continue using it. Now that he’s trying to recover the account, LJ won’t let him and is charging him to change the name of his other LJ account to “LittleKuriboh.” If you are LJ-savvy and can help him out, send LK a tweet!

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