[YGO: TAS] Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time Abridged

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time Abridged logo

Youmacon has really established itself as the convention to be for creators and fans of abridged series. This year’s event certainly didn’t disappoint — not with yesterday’s premiere of Little Kuriboh’s long-awaited abridged movie, Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time Abridged in 3D! See it only on YouTube (for now) divided into three separate videos: part 1, 2, 3. Lots of laughs? Check. Plenty of new music? Check. Killer original animation? Check. No homo? We’ll see about that.

The film stars TheAzureCrow (Semisoma) as Yusei, ShadyVox as Jaden, and Little Kuriboh as Yugi and Paradox. The original animated sequences were created by CrikeyDave, MasakoX, and The Amazing Rinbo.

Thought TheAzureCrow was also going to voice Paradox like in the original trailer? Nah, that wasn’t meant to be a permanent thing, says LK. And whatever happened to “Jaden and Yusei’s Excellent Adventure“? LK simply changed his mind about that. It happens. (The fact that he hadn’t seen the movie back then probably had a hand in it, haha).

The Unoriginal 3D Spoof Movie Soundtrack

Enjoy the songs? ShadyVox has the MP3s and master tracks for “Stronger,” “Freestyle Time,” and “Beelzeboss” on YouTube. Just check the description for each video. Download away and get cracking on those remixes!

Where are the Other Goodies…?

Late Friday evening, the members of Team Four Star hosted The Roast of Little Kuriboh, with Kirbopher, Psyguy, and other special guests also in attendance. Fans agree that the hilarity — the uproariousness — of the 18+ panel was brought to a whole different level with LK showing up to the event completely plastered. Unfortunately, there has yet to be any footage of the panel made available, with some attendees indicating that any unofficial filming was not allowed. This won’t stop LK’s fans from camping out on YouTube though!

And sadly, despite his original plans, Little Kuriboh did not hold a Naruto Spoof panel at this year’s event. Maybe another time!


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  1. finally something

    is it recommended to watch the original before this?

  2. You’ll be fine even if you haven’t watched the original movie. The characters actually spend a lot of time explaining the plot of the original!

  3. ok because at this point i have only illegal sources to obtain the original (and as i see it, this won’t change, so maybe eventually i will get it somehow)

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