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The Watch page

One year ago, when 4Kids.TV was relaunched with the Toonzai brand, I was impressed by the visual overhaul of the website and its new features but was nevertheless slightly taken aback by certain aspects of the redesign. In particular, I was really critical about the organization of its video library. Let’s look at what has changed since then.

My decision to take a closer look at 4Kids’ website stemmed from the company’s plan to move all of its shows to 4Kids.TV once it was rebranded as Toonzai. At the time, the only place to watch the entire Yu-Gi-Oh! series was Thus, if 4Kids wanted to move its full video library over to 4Kids.TV, it was important that everyone be able to navigate to and easily access those episodes. had a great layout suited for organizing videos. Unfortunately, 4Kids.TV wasn’t really built for that.

I was originally turned off by 4Kids.TV’s flash video selection menu, a design that required a user to click on navigation arrows in order to shuffle through the episodes of a show. The worst part about it was that only four episodes appeared on each page. Can you imagine wanting to watch the final episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! and having to click through 50-plus pages of videos just to get to it? Although this design is still used today, only a handful of episodes are on 4Kids.TV, perhaps as a preview of what’s available. Rather than forcing users to adapt to that clumsy design, 4Kids integrated the easy-to-navigate website into 4Kids.TV. Both websites share the Toonzai branding.

And, much to my delight, the each show’s “Episodes” page on 4Kids.TV — once home to only short summaries of each episode — now also contains links to the actual videos of the episodes rather than just descriptions. Hooray!

Of course, what brought about my concern at the time was 4Kids’ plans to phase out its video hub at after moving everything to 4Kids.TV. Thankfully, that ended up not happening. But in any case, a better alternative to — particularly to fans outside of 4Kids’ 6- to 11-year-old target audience — has since been set up:

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  1. Thanks for the link! :D *adds to favorites*

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