[YGO: TAS] Ask Marik Ishtar Anything on Formspring

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Marik Ishtar in Bakura's mind in episode 79

Have you ever wondered what Marik Ishtar will do once he takes over the world? Or what tattoos he has on his body, other than that large, crazy one on his back? Or whether there is anything more than friendship between him and Bakura? Find out the answers to these questions and more on Marik’s Formspring account, then ask your own! The account was created yesterday morning by Little Kuriboh.

So why did Marik suddenly join Formspring? “I wish to spread myself all over the Internet,” he said. Hmm, who or what else would he like to spread himself all over?

One More British Anime Con…

At Nom-Con in Dublin, Ireland earlier this month, Little Kuriboh said that he might not be attending another anime convention in the British Isles unless “some crazy miracle happens.” Well guess what? In a “secret last-minute guest announcement,” the British anime convention Alcon has announced LK as one of its guests this year! LK will be returning to Leicester, England for a third year in a row to attend the event between September 8 and 11. MasakoX will be there, too! And unlike last year’s event, which had an adults-only age restriction, Alcon 2011 will be open to anyone 16 years old and over.

…And Some U.S. Anime Cons, Too

Thought Little Kuriboh wouldn’t be heading to any U.S. anime conventions for the rest of this year? Guess again! In the past few days, LK has announced some great stops that he will be making in America. First up is Youmacon in Detroit, Michigan on November 3 through 6. TeamFourStar will be present as well, and they’ll be roasting poor LK at an 18+ panel! Oh man, I hope fans get some video footage of this! Listeners of Wha-Chow! can also rejoice, for Psyguy and many of the other podcast regulars will also be attending, too (though not as guests). Next, LK will head to Anime Vegas, taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 11 through 13.

He’s not done there. LK has also already announced plans for cons in early 2012. Between February 3 and 5, he’ll be dropping by the Dartz-favorite Kami-Con in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for the third year in a row! Then, it’s off to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for Anime Milwaukee between February 17 through 19.

Whew! Once he gets some free time (lol), I hope he makes some promos for all these events!

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  1. Hi Marik May I Have Your Deck I Shall Do Anything For Your Deck!!!!!

  2. Ask Marik on Formspring, not me, lol.

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