[YGO: TAS] “Gimme That Chin”

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Little Kuriboh's Gimme That Chin, animated by Kirbopher

Rejoice, fans of horrid fanfics and Little Kuriboh’s live streams! LK’s “Gimme That Chin” now has it’s own music video animated by Kirbopher, complete with Narutroll and psychedelic Windows Media Player visualizations! The video was uploaded last night, just one day after LK revealed that a “very basic” music video for the song was in the works. (“Very basic” is fine with me. It doesn’t get any more basic than a song with 10 words!)

Coming Soon from LK

In other Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged-related news, Little Kuriboh has confirmed that episode 53 will premiere on July 25 — the day after AVCon in Adelaide, Australia. The episode will be titled “O Mokuba, Where Art Thou?” Yay! Of course, he did previously say that the episode would be ready sometime in June, but I think he’ll be more compelled to get it done now that the Australian anime cons are just a few days away. Wouldn’t want to disappoint his fans from Down Under!

LK has also expressed an interest in parodying all of the Naruto movies, or at the very least, the first three. This follows a tweet from April where LK first noted that he wanted to abridge the second Naruto movie. Oh ho, I can’t wait for these!

And hey — Happy Independence Day to all you Yu-Gi-Oh! fans in America! I hope you’re having a relaxing holiday weekend!

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  1. finally a date
    july 25, yee

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