[4Kids-Hulu] Sonic X, Episodes 1-78 in Japanese, Subbed & Uncut

June 26, 2011 at 2:41 pm | Posted in 4Kids, Japanese, Other Stuff | 6 Comments
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Characters from the Sonic X anime

Today, the final subtitled Japanese episode of Sonic X was released on Hulu, at last completing 4Kids’ project of providing the original, uncut version of the hit anime! All three seasons (78 episodes) of the series are now available in both English-subbed and dubbed formats! Expect Toonzaki to also post the newest Hulu video embeds during its next update cycle.

Sonic X, along with Yu-Gi-Oh!, has always had a vocal fanbase calling for a subtitled release of the original Japanese version. Back in early 2009, when 4Kids first began uploading Japanese episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters to its YouTube channel — manned at the time by the now legendary 4Kids employee, Nameless Cubicle Office Guy — fans of Sonic X tirelessly left comment after comment on the channel, hoping that their anime would get the same royal treatment that Yu-Gi-Oh! had been getting. In July 2009, a preview of the subbed, Japanese version of Sonic X was uploaded. Fans were both anxious and excited, as it was the first of 4Kids’ online subtitling endeavors. Full uncut episodes from season 1 of Sonic X were unleashed in April 2010 and later episodes have slowly and steadily been released since then.

This past Thursday, Sonic turned 20 years old, making this a very momentous and timely update. Happy belated birthday, Sonic!

Congratulations to Save Sonic and all of the Sonic X fandom who called for an uncut and uncensored subtitled release of the show! Your rallying and support have paid off! And congratulations, of course, to 4Kids for completing the massive project!

So rejoice, Sonic fans, and give the series a watch! The subtitles should automatically appear when you launch a video, but if they don’t, click on the “CC” button on the bottom of the video player, then select “English” and choose one of the three styles for the subtitle text.


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  1. fucking subbed I can’t stand eggmans subbed voice i want a ENGLISH dubbed uncut version whats with the uncut sub crap redub it

  2. There is no uncut dubbed in english. Blame the americans and their fragile children :P

  3. If there were an uncut dubbed version, it wouldn’t air on TV like the current edited version does, so there’d be no worry about any “fragile children” stumbling upon the show. The reason for the lack of an uncut dub is likely much simpler: 4Kids would not break even producing it.

  4. agreed with itman =P blame it on strict and overprotective soccer moms who think almost anything would scar the children for life! I couldn’t stand watching the english dub because not only did they do a lot of unnecessary cutting, all sources of Japanese culture was also removed making Sonic X look totally Americanized despite this being an anime >.>

  5. WHERE CAN I find all the epsiodes of sonic x in avi english dub.

  6. As far as I know, there are currently no download-to-own options for either the dubbed or subbed version of Sonic X. Streaming only for both. Sorry.

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