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Sakura and a strange photograph in episode 7 of Little Kuriboh's Naruto Abridged Spoof
MasakoX’s photo would have been more appropriate, I think.

Look what popped up earlier today ahead of schedule: episode 7 of Little Kuriboh’s Naruto Abridged Spoof (on YouTube, Blip.tv)! In this episode, Naruto and the gang practice climbing trees and learn that Gilligan’s stepfather is Luffy. Oh, and David Bowie is apparently actually Geddy Lee. I swear, with each new episode, this abridged series is getting crazier and crazier! At least there isn’t just a T-shirt booth at the end. Big props to LK for using music from the soundtracks of Kung Fu Panda and The Descent!

Little Kuriboh originally planned to release this episode this coming Monday. He then bumped forward the release to what was supposed to be tomorrow. What a nice surprise, huh? Stream or download the episode today!

The next episode of NTACFSSS, as well as of YGOTAS, will likely appear at one of the upcoming Australian anime conventions that Little Kuriboh will be attending. LK previously mentioned that he would like to unveil new episodes of both series in Australia. In addition to attending the SMASH! and AVCon events in July, LK has also hinted that he may make more appearances elsewhere in the country. Will he be returning to Yamifest Manifest in August, too?

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